How A 10kw Solar System Benefits You Economically? [Check Out]

10kw Solar System

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About the Economic Benefits of installing 10kw solar system

Solar technology has revolutionized the world with its amazing use of sun’s energy to produce electricity.

The effects are apparent in countries like Australia where solar has been in more demand due to climatic conditions.

Well, installing a bigger solar system size carries with it a lot of benefits. A 10kw Solar System can be the best choice for you if you’re looking to save your money on energy generation. Read on to know how a 10kw solar system installation will benefit you economically.

Further, a 10kw may seem like an expensive system option to install. But guess what!

It’s actually the most money-saving as well. This blog will tell you precisely how you stand to benefit from installing this system in your home or business premises.

Economic Benefits Of A 10kw Solar System

First and foremost, this system should be an obvious choice for you if you’ve a large home or new business establishment. That’s because of its energy efficiency.

However, it’s understandable if you’ve been on the fence and trying to decide whether to buy the system or not. Solar is a fairly new thing and many people have questions before going for it.

So, let’s just jump into the details without wasting any more of your time.

#1. Lower Your Electricity Bills Drastically

People with high energy bills are often the ones that can benefit the most by switching to solar energy. Yes, that’s right. And by installing a 10kw system, you’re never short on energy. In fact, this system size has the potential to save you loads with its 29-46kWh per day power generation capacity.

A 10kw Solar Panels system can actually save you $1600 to $2800 just on quarterly bills.

Plus, home solar systems with a battery offer greater control over electricity usage. You can either choose to run appliances or save power for later use. And you’re not dependent for energy on a power supplier any more.

#2. Save More With Net Energy Metering

You’ve the option to install an off-the-grid system or a system connected to the grid when you choose to buy a solar system. Though, net energy metering is available only if you’ve a solar panel system that is connected to the grid.

A grid-connected system owner can receive credits for the extra energy their system supplies back to the grid.

When installing a grid-connected 10kw system, ensure the meter runs on an interval system, i.e., it collects and sends back the energy to the grid at fixed intervals. This will help you save more in the longer run.

#3. Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme For Going Solar

When you choose to install a 10kw solar system, you stand to save even more with the federal government incentives. One of those steps towards encouraging people to go solar is Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs).

The creation of these STCs depend on the amount of electricity your installed system produce.

As a result, installing a 10kw can help you save big with its high energy efficiency. Moreover, you can easily redeem the certificates through the open STCs market or through STCs clearing house.

NOTE: Apart from a 10kw Solar System, a 6.6kw Solar System NSW is also a big system choice that offers you huge savings. Plus, it’s enough to meet the energy needs of a large household.

#4. Amazing Increase In Home Value

Do you know installing a solar system has the potential to attract buyers if you do plan to sell your home? And installing a 10kw system will offer more value simply because it’s a bigger system size.

Homes with an installed 10kw solar system usually sells at higher prices than those with a smaller system size. So, a 10kw can be the best system option if you do intend to sell your home in the near future.

Are You Going To Install A 10kw Solar System In Your Home?

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