What Is Cydia And How Does It Affect Your Security?

Are you skeptical about What is Cydia and wondering how to use it in iPhone? Read this detailed guide that unfolds the various aspects of Cydia.

If you have recently bought an iPhone from a third-party seller, you must have seen Cydia present on your home screen.

Knowing the fact that not all apple users are familiar with this app, seeing this present in your device might have raised an alarm bell.

But, what exactly is Cydia? is Cydia safe? Well, let’s move further and know more about it in the next section.

What is Cydia?

Well, Cydia is basically a third-party platform available for jail-broken ios devices. Cydia allows you to download multiple apps which you would never be able to download from the app store. Continue reading “What Is Cydia And How Does It Affect Your Security?”

Fixes To Improve WIFI Performance On iPhone

Go through the blog to know about the Fixes To Improve WIFI Performance On iPhone

A WiFi connection is a necessary feature of any iPhone, but a weak signal can make it difficult to navigate the internet, use software, or stream.

In these cases, you can look for ways to increase your iPhone’s WiFi speed. Improve WiFi speed on iPhone and iPad. How to improve iPhone WiFi speed.

Let’s look at different ways to make your iPhone WiFi faster.

 Reboot your router

Restarting your router will restore it to its original state and eliminate temporary problems. Continue reading “Fixes To Improve WIFI Performance On iPhone”

4 Proven Ways to Transfer Your File From PC to iPhone

Looking for some effective ways on ‘How to transfer files from PC to iPhone’.

If searching for so, your search ends here now. Read on to find how you can do so,

Apple devices are great but like any other product, it also comes with certain flaws.

One of the major ones is it’s hard to connect to other non-Apple devices.

We are here to talk about windows PC. So how you can transfer your valuable data from your PC to iPhone?

Through today’s how-to transfer files from PC to iPhone, we will let you through 4-easy ways to do the task with ease.

But foremost, before even starting on how you can do so let’s let you through how you can access files on iPhone from PC.

How to access files on iPhone from a PC?

You may have already known that when you can directly access android files on the PC.

But what about iPhones? Continue reading “4 Proven Ways to Transfer Your File From PC to iPhone”

Which One to Choose Between On-Grid vs Off-Grid Solar System?

Solar energy is a rising sector full of many hot topics.

The On-Grid vs Off-Grid Solar System debate is one of them.

However, both the system types work on the same basic principle. But some operational differences create a divide between the two.

In this blog, we will explore how on-grid and off-grid systems are different from each other.

We’ll go through the similarities as well.

Although deciding between on-grid vs off-grid solar system is not easy. But we’ll find a way to distinguish one from the other.

Let’s start the discussion with the general principle of the solar system working. Continue reading “Which One to Choose Between On-Grid vs Off-Grid Solar System?”

5Kw or 6.6kw Solar System: Which Solar Size to Install for Home?

Which solar size to install for your home? 5kw or 6.6kw?

Well, the very narrow difference in size is the main reason for this confusion.

However, this narrow variation in size creates a much larger gap in outputs.

Are you confused between 5kw vs 6.6kw Solar System?

To make an informed choice we need to know every important aspect of the two solar sizes.

In this blog, we’ll deal with all the required information about 5kw vs 6.6kw Solar System with 5kw Inverter as well.

So, let’s start with the 5kw solar system…

Continue reading “5Kw or 6.6kw Solar System: Which Solar Size to Install for Home?”

5 Quick Methods to Clean Windows 10!

You Want your PC to work properly right! But things might not be going that way & the junk-up files in Windows 10 might be the problem though, well… we’ve come up with the very convenient methods on How to Clean Windows 10.

So, if you are fact-finding the solution How to Clean Windows 10 Temp Files, How to Clean Windows 10 Cache, what does Cleaning Up Windows 10 Meaning, & so on…then this blog is an absolute hub for your questions.

Without any further lag, here are the 5 hard-headed methods which are going to be proved as Windows 10 Cleaner.

How to Clean Windows 10?

Here are the listed 5 methods to clean 10…..all of the methods are tried & trusted & surely going to help you. Continue reading “5 Quick Methods to Clean Windows 10!”

What has Microsoft changed in the Latest Operating System between Windows 11 and Windows 10?

Windows 11 looks very different from Windows 10, but the two operating systems are very similar under the hood. With the new operating system now available on select devices and through Microsoft upgrades, comparing Windows 11 vs. Windows 10 is more important than ever. On the surface, the two are diametrically opposed. However, significant changes under the hood distinguish the next generation of Windows from the current generation.

If you try to change certain settings on your PC, you risk losing or misplacing the stored data. To be on the safe side, maintaining backups for every small piece of data is a necessary step to take.

Despite the fact that there are data recovery software options available that can make the data recovery process relatively easy and simple, we recommend Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software…the best professional data recovery software.

NOTE: The software is available in two versions: FREE and TRIAL… As a result, you can try stellar data recovery free download full version without purchasing it.

So, let’s begin by delving into various categories of topics that will help you better understand the Windows 11 vs. Windows 10 comparison. Continue reading “What has Microsoft changed in the Latest Operating System between Windows 11 and Windows 10?”

Solar Installation in Perth – Most Affordable Solar Package

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, is one of the best places to install solar systems. It is the best not only in Australia but all over the world.

However, installing solar panels anywhere is a good move in terms of both power-saving and the environment.

But Perth has some extra advantages on offer that make it a better place to invest in solar energy.

There are various perks for solar systems including Solar Panels Perth Cost that encourage you to switch to solar systems in Perth.

In this blog, we will cover all important aspects related to Solar Installation in Perth. We will also discuss which solar size is more affordable in Perth.

Solar Installations In Perth

Both the residential and commercial Solar Installation in Perth are on the rise. The frequently rising cost of energy is the main cause behind this.

Other reasons for the rise in popularity of solar systems in Perth are the amazing outputs of solar energy at Perth. Continue reading “Solar Installation in Perth – Most Affordable Solar Package”

Do Bigger Solar System Size Offer More Returns?

Solar systems are indeed an expensive investment in the beginning. The initial cost of the setup with all the necessary pieces of equipment costs thousands of dollars.

So an important question arises before making the final decision, which solar system size is worth your investment?

It’s really important to decide whether you need a 5kw system, a 6.6kw one, or a 10kw Solar System with Battery Backup. It takes a lot of analysis and thought process to make that decision.

You see all over Australia, there are different types of households. So, the power requirements vary door-to-door. Similarly, solar systems are also available in various sizes.

However, you have to choose a solar system size according to your energy requirements. But there are a few other factors that play an important role while selecting the ideal solar system size for you.

Factors To Take Into Account While Selecting  Best Solar System Size

The first factor to consider for the selection of solar size is your energy requirement.

How many kWh do your households consume in a day? Continue reading “Do Bigger Solar System Size Offer More Returns?”

How to Fix JPEG Invalid Image Error Message? [Invalid Image Repair Online]

Are You here for the answer to the question … ” How to Fix JPEG Invalid Image Error Message” … Then, Go through this blog … as it is only dedicated to answering this particular question, along with some other queries…..

If you are struggling with the issue of invalid image error: unknown image format … then…….. you don’t have to worry …

Here below, we’ll be briefing the steps on how to repair jpeg files after recovery, how to open invalid jpeg images, how to repair corrupted jpeg Files free, & many more.

How to Fix JPEG Invalid Image Error Message?

Here are some meticulous ways to fix invalid image repair online…..


Renaming the jpeg file is one such option to fix invalid image error jpg, though you have to take care of one thing, save the file in .jpg extension, & then launch it. Continue reading “How to Fix JPEG Invalid Image Error Message? [Invalid Image Repair Online]”