How to Change the Spellchecker Language in 5 Office Suites on Mac

According to the current dimension, we must be acknowledged of How to Change the Spellchecker Language in 5 Office Suites on Mac.

Though, sometimes it might get very hectic to change language office 365 & the spellchecker.

Well, here in this blog….we’re going to discuss certain things like how to change language on Mac, how to change excel language Mac, what to do when Microsoft office cannot change language.

Though, going with the process, let’s understand How to Change the Spellchecker Language in 5 Office Suites on Mac.

How to Change the Spellchecker Language in 5 Office Suites on Mac

Here below are the steps to change the office 2016 language to English.

Well, Microsoft offers different suits & you must know the steps to change the language in all of them. Continue reading “How to Change the Spellchecker Language in 5 Office Suites on Mac”

NSA Director Expect Ransomware Attacks For Next Five Years

NSA Director Expect Ransomware Attacks For Next Five Years

 “The United States will face ransomware attacks in the next five years,” the NSA Director General M. Nakosene said at a recent conference in Washington, D.C.

Moreover, there is a lot to tell about this topic…as he had a long discussion at the Mandient Cyber Defense Summit.

Now, let’s move on & understand in brief about the Ransomware & NSA.

When Was the NSA Founded?

NSA also stands for National Security Agency … it was founded on November 4, 1952.

In addition, the NSA is responsible for the global detection and processing of information for domestic and international intelligence activities. Continue reading “NSA Director Expect Ransomware Attacks For Next Five Years”

Buying Best Solar Panels – How to Decide One? [Guide]

Buying solar panels is quite an easy task. It is deciding which solar panels to buy that give us a headache.

There are a variety of brands and types of solar panels available all over Australia. You always need a piece of expert advice to get through the hassle of choosing the right solar panels for your home.

In this blog, we will discuss all the important factors to look out for before buying solar panels. We would also introduce you to some of the Best Solar Panel Brands Australia to choose from.

So let’s start with factors to look out for before buying solar panels.

Key Factors To Consider While Buying Solar Panels

Whether you are going to buy solar panels for your residence or for commercial purposes, you need to be well informed.

Solar panels are indeed a big investment and you want to ensure the best returns on them.

In order to expect the best returns, you must lookout for the following factors: Continue reading “Buying Best Solar Panels – How to Decide One? [Guide]”

Stellar iPhone Data Recovery Software Price

Are you thinking of buying Software? & looking for a Stellar iPhone Data Recovery Software price.

Though, this blog is all about the price, features, & specifications of stellar, the best iPhone data recovery software.

Now, before buying a Software, what would you look into for, of course, its reliability, uniqueness, & the awesome feature…& apart from that it’s pricing, whether it’s affordable to your pocket or not.

Though, the most unique feature of the Software is, it comes in the free version along with the paid ones.

However, with the iPhone data recovery software free, you can only preview your recovered files & to save the recovery, you need to purchase the Software.

Stellar iPhone Data Recovery Software Price

  • Standard: $39.99
  • Toolkit: $49.99
  • Toolkit Plus: $149.99

Okay, so here you got the idea about the Stellar iPhone Data Recovery Software price. Now let’s move to some extra details about the Software. Continue reading “Stellar iPhone Data Recovery Software Price”

Fast Fixes for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Issues after Upgrading to iOS 15

Are you facing irregular iOS 15 Bluetooth issues and have been looking about How to Fix WiFi and Bluetooth Issues After Upgrading to iOS 15, then you are in the right place, my friend!!

Apple recently released iOS 15 for iPhone models that support it. Apple consumers, on the other hand, are suffering greatly as a result of the iOS 15 issues. However, if you’re having difficulties connecting your iPhone with devices and are growing frustrated, you’ll want to read the instructions on how to fix Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues after upgrading to iOS 15.

Regardless, if you ever experience data loss as a result of the new update or while attempting to resolve the iOS 15 problems, there is software available to help you recover your data in the most efficient and painless manner possible.

NOTE: However, if you ever experience data loss, you should use Stellar iPhone Data Recovery Software. This is one of the Software’s most outstanding features… So, if you’re new to the tool, start with the free version and preview your missing or deleted data. Continue reading “Fast Fixes for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Issues after Upgrading to iOS 15”

Fix Windows Stop Code 0xc000021a With Proven Methods

You might be working on your system with something very important & suddenly an error pops up, though the error code was 0xc000021a, now how would you fix windows stop code 0xc000021a.

Don’t you worry…We have the best solutions for you to fix error 0xc000021a windows 10.

Though, you might be facing the issue of stop code while installing windows 1O.

Albeit, the stop code 0xc000021a 2020 & 21 is also known as the blue screen of death.

Moreover, it’s a quite random error & is most common in Windows 8 & 10.

So, in this blog…we’re going to discuss the error….what causes it, & what are the fixation methods behind the error code 0xc000021a Windows 8 & 10.

What Causes Stop Code 0xc000021a on Windows 8 & 10?

We’ve received so many complaints of users facing this error that after updating the Windows, it just shows this error.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons behind this error.


The first file that causes this error is csrss.exe. This is a Microsoft client or server file.

This error can occur if this file is updated or corrupted for any reason.


As you may already know from its name, this file is required for login and login in Windows.

This is an internal process and takes place within Windows. If this file becomes corrupted, the computer may initiate a Windows logon.

Conflicting system files or, in some cases, third-party software can corrupt winlogon.exe.

External Devices

External devices connected to the system can also cause this error. Especially bad external devices can interrupt or interfere with Windows and cause this error.

Incompatible Application

If you recently installed the application, this tool may be the cause of this error. If you have a tool that is not compatible with Windows, you will get this error.

Corrupted Windows Registry

If the Windows registry is corrupted or corrupted, the system is also vulnerable to error 0xc000021a. Premature removal of wbmprox.dll-Users may remove the wbmprox.dll library too soon. Therefore, you may see this error.

Device Manager Corruption

This system error can occur if the device driver is corrupted. If the device driver settings are incorrect, this may be the cause of this error. This error can find your address.

So, these were the reasons behind the stop code 0xc000021a Windows 10 install

Now, let’s understand…how to fix windows stop code 0xc00021a 2021

Methods to Fix Windows Stop Code 0xc000021a

Depending upon the different situations….here are the solutions according to the reasons behind the occurrence of the code 0xc000021a Windows 8 & 10.

Removal of External Devices

If you are facing the issue due to an external device, then you should better remove it.

Moreover, you can start by removing the external devices you have attached to your system.

After the removal try restarting your system.

Uninstall the Installed Tools

If you have installed any new hardware or software, then you should try uninstalling them.

Sometimes, due to the newly installed tools, you might face this error…

Though, if you are unable to uninstall the Software…don’t worry…you can boot into the safe mode to uninstall the Software.

DISM Command

You can try using DISM Command in safe mode…follow the below steps…

  • Click on the start button, after that type command & then right-click on the command, then select Run as Administrator.
  • Type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth, in the Administrator command prompt. Click on Enter.
  • Wait, until the process completes, after that, your issue will be fixed.

How to Fix Stop Code 0xc000021a dell & 0xc000021a Lenovo?

You can follow the above steps give by us to easily fix error 0xc000021a Windows 10 & 8 on Lenovo & dell.

Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software

While going with the manual methods, if you ever get stuck with your data, like you may lose your most important data, then just go for Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software

This Software is one of the best tools in the market that easily recovers the data without doing any harm to the data.

Also, it’s one of the most affordable tools that comes with all the safety & user-friendly interface.

The Conclusion

We through this blog tried to give you the best methods to fix Windows Stop Code 0xc000021a.

Nonetheless, if you have any further issues…just tell us in the comment section below.

Types of Solar Panels in Australia [ Which One to Install?]

Solar Energy has proven itself to be the most conveniently usable form of alternative energy source.

Especially in countries like Australia where the sun exposure is very high, it is a true champion. This is one of the reasons why solar panels are so popular in Australia.

Solar panels are mounted over the built structures of homes, shops, and other business places to traps sunlight and convert it into a usable form of electricity.

There are various options available on solar panels for houses. It’s up to your need and choice to decide which one to go for.

But first, let’s have a short intro to Solar Power systems and how they work.

What Is Solar Power System?

The solar power system is a simple apparatus that includes solar panels which convert the heat energy coming from sun rays into a usable form of electricity.

This electric energy can be used directly to power your home appliances or you can store them in batteries to use later when the power supply is out.

The solar panels can absorb the dispersed sun rays over the whole area or mirrors and reflectors can be used to converge a heavy amount of sunlight into a focused beam to fall on the panels. Continue reading “Types of Solar Panels in Australia [ Which One to Install?]”

How to Fix Windows 11 Taskbar Disappeared? [Windows 11 Ungroup Taskbar]

With the latest preview version of Windows 11, users are facing lots of issues..& also searching the solutions for how to fix Windows 11 Taskbar disappeared.

Though, the users are continuously complaining about Windows 11 taskbar glitch & sometimes the Windows 11 taskbar missing.

Though, let’s understand the overall Windows 11 taskbar not working issues & also the solutions to cope with them.

Windows 11 Start Menu Not Working

The preview version of Windows 11 produced many errors that you already know, and it also caused problems in the Windows 11 unlock Taskbar.

In addition, when the Windows 11 taskbar crashes, the Windows 11 taskbar will also crash.

However, because the Windows 11 taskbar does not work, then right-click menu has also become slow, and users will receive an error message when they try to click the personalization option. Continue reading “How to Fix Windows 11 Taskbar Disappeared? [Windows 11 Ungroup Taskbar]”

How to Unlock Disabled iPhone with iTunes?

Are you struggling with the issue of disabled iPhones & finding solutions for How to Unlock Disabled iPhone Using a Computer.

Well, we have a solution for you; you don’t have to get panic about iPhone disabled bypass.

So, let’s get ahead, & understand how to unlock disabled iPhone with iTunes & computer.

How To Unlock Disabled iPhone With iTunes?

If you think you can simply start the computer, then you are in a big misunderstanding.

Though, you can follow the below process ….

Reset Disabled iPhone Using iTunes

  • Connect your iPhone to a PC/Mac trusted by your device. After that, open iTunes.

Note: After opening iTunes, if you are prompted to enter the password, go to the recovery mode option. Continue reading “How to Unlock Disabled iPhone with iTunes?”