Why a 10kw Solar System is Useful for a Large Household?

10kw solar system

Solar has proven to be a useful technology for almost everyone who aspires to use a renewable source of energy. The dire need to minimize the expenses on electricity bills propels many people to install a solar system in their home.

A large household usually has a big energy demand.

Accordingly, installing a large system size like a 10kw solar system can help fulfill those energy needs better.

A 10kw solar system is often touted as the best solar installation for a large household.

Do you want to know why you should install this system size in your home?

Read the rest of this blog to find out how installing a 10kw can help a large household.

The Benefits of Installing a 10kw Solar System in a Large Household

10kw solar system


10kw solar panels are regarded as the perfect size for a large home that runs appliances almost all day. While the energy production efficiency of a system will depend on the amount of sunlight it gets, you can expect enough to run your household all day.

But energy efficiency is not the only benefit of installing a 10kw system. Check out the following points to know what else you can expect.

#1. Stay Unaffected from Power Outages

Installing a 10kw solar system offers you the flexibility to use energy at your own convenience. What we mean by this is now you have the freedom to generate electricity with the sun’s light. You’re no longer dependent on the grid for getting energy.

In fact, when you install a battery, you also get the freedom to store energy for later use. This will help you in case there are power cuts.

#2. Optimum Energy Production for a Large Household

Well, the energy efficiency of your system will depend on many factors. The most important of them is its location and the panel orientation.

If you live in a sunny area like Australia, you can easily get 29-46kWh per day of electricity generation. This is considered enough for a big household. Needless to say, an average household should not think twice before installing a 10kw solar system.

NOTE: Like a 10kw Solar system, a 6.6kw Solar System is also a worthy investment. In case you want to install a system that costs less while fulfilling electricity requirements for the most part of the day, you can go for a 6.6kw Solar Panels without any worries.

#3. Huge Savings on Quarterly Energy Bill

The more energy a solar system can produce, the more you can save with it. As a 10kw has good output, it can also save you huge.

Expect to save around 22 -30 cents per kWh. This greatly affects the monthly savings and by extension quarterly and annual savings as well.

Based on a general estimation, a 10kw Solar Panels system can save up to $1600 to $2800 on quarterly energy bills.

#4. Rebates on Installing a 10kw Solar System

You can also save through the federal government’s incentives on installing solar. This is done in the knowledge of the growing energy crisis and the environmental decline.

Interestingly, the Australian government runs many schemes and program that helps you minimize your expenses when you choose to go solar.

The good news is the savings are even more in case a bigger system size. So, you can expect saving more when you install a 10kw Solar System.

As a result, people with big households will not only meet their energy needs but also save extra money. And that’s just because you install a bigger system size.

So, these were just some of the benefits of installing a 10kw solar sysytem NSW in a large home.

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