10kw vs 6.6kw Solar System | Which One Fits Your Purpose?

10kw vs 6.6kw Solar System

Going for solar panel installation at your place?? Great decision…

But have you decided which one you will go for?? Like 6.6kw Solar System or 10kw Solar System.

Don’t worry many the people like you find it difficult in making the decision to choose one!

After all, making a pick not as easy as buying a dress!!

It requires an investment that can’t be mended once done… so choose wisely.

For that, you can read this blog to know in detail about 10kw vs 6.6kw Solar System Australia. Here you will get a comparative analysis on aspects like suitability, features, price, and so on.

Let’s begin…

6.6kw solar system vs 10kw solar system | on the basis of suitability, features, price

The level of solar energy requirement varies from place to place, sometimes even from person to person. That’s why understanding one’s self-need, then reconciling it to the available will lead you to the best decision made.

Is 6.6kw Solar Enough For Me?

Normally 6.6kw solar panels produce 20kwh to 27 kwh power per day over the year. The 6.6kw solar systems are normally installed for residential purposes.

Moreover, they are best suitable for medium families or those with medium power-hungry appliances.

Have a look at some of its massive features too…

6.6kw Solar System Features

• high-quality monocrystalline panels

• wifi-enabled inverter

• configuration by CEC- certified technicians and electricians

• long-lasting performance

• 25 years performance warranty

• mounting and electrical kits as per Australian standards

The next but foremost thing a person looks for is how much it’s going to give a burden on their pocket.

What Is The Cost Of 6.6kw Solar System?

Well, the 6.6kw Solar System Price ranges between [$3500-$5000] for a standard metropolitan installation. By that, we mean installing solar panels on tin roofs of single-story houses.

The price will vary accordingly if installations are done for multi or double-story houses. The price factor is also affected by the brand of panels and inverter you go for.

Now coming to our second 10kw solar system installations on the basis of suitability features and price.

Is 10kw Solar Enough For Me?

A 10w solar system generates approx. of 40kwh of power per day over the year. These solar panels are ideal for office usage, commercial places, or factories. You don’t even need a power grid for them to run.

10kw Solar System Features

• best for extreme energy requirements

• monocrystalline panels

• 34 X 300 solar panels

• 25-30 years of warranty on performance

• mounting kits certified by Australian standards

• 10-12 years warranty on PV panels

Have look at the 10kw solar system price too…

What Is The Cost Of 10kw Solar System?

When it comes to the Price Of 10kw Solar System it’s around $ 7,740. Along with solar panels you also get the branded inverters.

you may find it expensive but do remember that the payback period of a 10kw solar system is less than 6.6kw. As it produces more energy each day compared to 6.6kw solar.

Hope you found this blog helpful enough to guide you on solar system installations. now tell us, Is 6kw Solar Enough or 10kw one?

Which One Matches More Your Needs??

Well after deciding which one to go for you should also see the other aspects of solar installations like whom to choose for installations?

Obviously, you can’t let anyone being so-called technicians to install them. For that, you need some professional installers also at a reasonable price.

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