Everything You Need to Know About a 5kw Solar System Package

solar system package

Looking for a solar system most compatible with your household’s energy requirements?

Solar Beam has the best resources to offer you the expert guidance you need when buying solar in Australia.

The most obvious choice for people with small to average homes is a 5kw Solar System Package.

A 5kw solar system is enough to offset a typical Aussie household’s power usage. But you may have your own doubts before buying this system. This article will address some common questions people have about a 5kw Solar System.

Interestingly, this system is the minimum size Aussies opt for their homes. This is especially true in the case when they plan to add batteries in their system.

Do you often wonder if a 5kw system would be the best choice for you?

Read on to know everything you should know to buy 5kw solar system.

#1. How Many Panels Do You Need for a 5kw Solar System?

A 5kw solar system consists of 20 panels. Assuming you use 250w panels, you’ll need around 30-40 meter square of roof space.

#2. How Much Electricity Does a 5kw Solar System Generate?          

Well, the electricity a system generates depends on a variety of factors. The most determining factor being the system positioning and location of the solar panels.

On a general basis, you can expect this system to give an output of about 22-24 units per day. Coincidentally, an average Australian household needs 920kWh of electricity per month. This system is enough to meet the daily energy requirements of your home.

#3. How Much Money Will You Save With a 5kw Solar System Package?

You will save approximately 800-1400 dollars per year by installing this system.

Though, the exact power savings will depend on the following factors:

  • Location of the 5kw Solar Panels: This determines how much sunlight your installed system will receive. To get the most energy out of the panels, you need to install it in an area that receives the maximum sunlight during peak hours. System positioning will also play a role in the amount of sunlight your system will be able to utilize. The more sunlight the system receives, the more energy output.
  • Your average electricity consumption: The more you already pay in electricity bills, the more you will save by installing a solar system.
  • How much you receive for exported electrical energy: You can expect anywhere around 5-12 cents kWh for the energy you send back to the grid. However, the exact savings will also depend on the retailer.

#4. How Much Will a 5kw Solar System Cost Me?

A 5kw Solar Panel is definitely one of the best choices in terms of cost-efficiency. The final cost will ultimately depend on the brand you buy the system from.

Price is usually a good indicator when it comes to the quality of the system. So, going for a cheaper option is not advisable.

Solar Beam offers a fully installed 5kw Solar System Package at an affordable price of $4,300.

This 5kw Solar System Price also includes a huge 5kw upgradable inverter.

#5. What Is the Average Payback Period for a 5kw Solar System Package?

A good-quality 5kw solar system’s average payback period is 6 to 8 years. However, take care of the following factors to calculate the exact period:

  • Your current energy consumption
  • The amount you pay for energy
  • Type of solar panels
  • The rebates and financial incentives available to you depending on the state you reside in.

Finding a good solar installer gets the headache out of the process of solar system installation.

Need a 5kw Solar System for Your Home?

Solar Beam is a leader in offering solar services in Australia. Our solar energy solutions include taking care of the installation as well as maintenance issues. We stock trusted and reliable brands of solar products.

Moreover, we source our range of solar solutions directly from tier-1 solar companies. This enables us to always offer you the best in Australia.

We provide Solar System NSW, solar panels, inverters, and battery solutions for solar appliances. Further, we offer full technical support in case you encounter any after-sales issues.

Take a look at everything we offer when you hire us as your solar partner:

  • Extended performance warranty of up to 30 years along with 10-12 years of manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Certified Australian Standard mountings. These are specially selected by our team of expert engineers.
  • Solar Installations by CEC accredited electricians. Besides, you also get a 1-year workmanship warranty.

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