Buy The Best 5kw Solar System In NSW [A Complete Guide]

5kw solar system

5-kilowatt solar system happens to be one of the popular most popular sizes in Australia. Thanks to the combination of its high-energy yields and the value for money it delivers.

However, one of the biggest misconceptions about the solar system is that people think a 5kw Solar System will produce 5kw of power throughout the day. But, it’s not true as their output will vary anywhere between 4-4.7kw.

The solar system is enough to get the energy required for residential purposes. However, investing in Solar System Package is a big decision and you’ll want to be confident you’re choosing the right one.

However, rapidly rising in popularity a 5kW solar system delivers incredible bang for your buck. And the solar system choice for medium to large households, a 5kw solar system cost/kw is the cheapest of all solar system sizes.

So, if you wanted to know Solar System Package prices, output it yields, and the financial return a household can expect from a 5kw solar PV system?

Be with us through the blog to know all in’s and out of the solar system…

What Is a 5kW Solar System?

The solar energy system has been built with a maximum capacity of 5kw.

It doesn’t certainly mean the system is going to produce 5000 watts of energy at any one time. But, this usually refers to the maximum energy it provides when the sunlight is on the peak.

5KW Solar Panels are the minimum system size that you can consider to install in your home. And the price of a solar system can depend on your system, location, and your reliance on traditional power grids.

However, we at Solar Beam can estimate the average cost of a solar system and help you in deciding which installation can be the best.

Why It Is So Popular in Australia?

Australia is one of the world’s leaders when it comes to installing a solar system in residences.

Residential solar power has taken off in Australia in a way not seen in other countries.

The weather in this country also plays a crucial role to think people GO Green. And, ultimately it helps them to reduce their energy bill to zero. These are the reason people opting to go solar in Australia.

What Is the Average Cost of a 5kW Solar System in Australia?

Australia is the home to some of the lowest solar PV system prices in the world. The reason is the broad combination of global and local factors.

The average 5kW solar system price in Australia as of October 2019 is about $1.09 per watt – or about $5,180, with a low of well under $1/W ($2,050) and a high of about $1.40/W ($7,000).

How Many Solar Panels Do I Get in A 5kw System?

If you’d like to go for 275w panels, a 5kw system will consist of 18 solar panels. However, if you go for 327w panels the number of panels will reduce to 15.

It means you’ll need 30m2 of roof space as each panel will be of around 1.6m by 1m in size.

So, these are the insights of Solar System NSW you should look for before installing it in your home.

Are You Looking for the Best Solar Panel Installer in NSW?

The first thing you’ll need t do before installing a solar panel in your home is deciding which one is adequate for your home. And, we are a pro at helping choose the Solar Panels and installing them.

Solar Beam, being the Best Solar Panel Installer NSW have extensive experience in installing solar systems.

They are skilled and experienced enough to install solar panels in a direction to get maximum output.

Apart from installing solar panels, we help you to get the incentives and rebates that the government provides. From the very first point of contact, we consider every customer as our privilege customer. We will help you get the best service from our side to reduce your energy bill actually to zero.

Reach out to us at 1300-004-077 to get the best solar energy services at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.

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