5kw vs 6.6kw Solar System | Which One Is The Best Investment?

5kw vs 6.6kw Solar System

Are you new to solar technology?

Planning to install a solar system is not an overnight decision. It needs thorough research on your part. Well, we’ve shortlisted the best systems for you.

Check out this 5kw vs 6.6kw Solar System NSW article to know all the details.

You might be thinking why we refer these systems as the best in the solar market. The reason is actually quite straightforward. Both these systems offer optimum energy output and come within an average person’s budget.

Interestingly, 5kw and 6.6kw are the most common system choices across many households in Australia.

Considering this high demand, Solar Beam strives to fulfill your requirements on time through specialized solar experts. We offer tier-1 solar panels from top solar manufacturers in Australia.

Interestingly, we observe many people get confused between a 5kw and a 6.6kw system. So, to make things easier for you, we’ve prepared this comparative article on both these systems.

Read on to know everything and pick the one that best fits your needs.

5kw vs 6.6kw Solar System: What You Need to Know Before Investing Your Money?

Do you often find yourself comparing different systems because you don’t know what will suit you best?

Well, it’s a relatable scenario for most who’re just switching to solar power.

However, this doesn’t nullify the fact that you should’ve complete knowledge about the systems you install. This makes things easy not only for your installer but also for you.

We’ll not bore you with any technical details. Take a look at this comparative chart below to ascertain what will suit your needs the best.

5kw Solar System

6.6kw Solar System


Medium Sized Household

Large Sized Household


20*250W (20 Panels With 250 Watt Efficiency)

24*275W (24 Panels With 275 Watt Efficiency)

Per Day Energy Efficiency

Up to 24kWh

Up to 27kWh

Payback Period

6 to 8 Years

3 to 5 Years

Battery Backup






So, which one should you choose? Read on to find more details and the package options available in Australia.

5kw Solar System Package

A 5kw Solar Panels system is basically one of the best choices for the average Aussie home. According to stats, Aussies usually consume 920kWh per month on average.

And the best part is this system is enough to meet those requirements. Moreover, if you own a business and want to be called a sustainable organization, this system will be a good starting point for you.

However, see that the overall energy needs of your business establishment are compatible with this system size. And if not, you can choose to go to a bigger system.

We offer a top-quality 5kw Solar System Package within an affordable price range. Plus, our system package includes a branded 5kw inverter, too.

Considering the 5kw Solar System Price is just $4300, you get value for your money and a complete solar solution at once.

6.6kw Solar System Package

Are you living in a large family that consumes electricity almost all day? A north-facing 6.6kw Solar Panels system is perfect to meet your daily energy needs then.

Further, business owners can think of installing a 6.6kw Solar System Package to save more. This helps them earn more profit by decreasing overhead costs.

Choose between the two 6.6kw Solar System Price options:

  • $ 2599 for 6.6kW with Kstar Inverter
  • $ 3800 for 6.6kW with Fronius Inverter

Which Solar System Size Are You Going To Pick?

Get Specialized Solar Support

Solar Beam is one of the best places in NSW, Australia to get expert advice on anything solar.

We aim to provide top-notch products at the most affordable prices for the everyday consumer.

Moreover, our customized service guarantees you get everything you’re looking for within a pre-determined timeline.

What distinguishes us from others is the top-notch quality of each solar component we install in your home. Even if you face issues, we’ve industry experts to sort them out.

Our Value-Added Services include:

  • 25-30 years performance warranty on all solar installations
  • Extended 10 years warranty on selected inverters
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of 10-12 years on PV panels
  • Solar Products directly sourced from tier-1 manufacturers
  • Battery solutions to save more
  • Certified Australian Standard mountings selected by a team of engineers
  • Quick redressal process within 48 hours
  • All installations within 2 weeks

Currently, we’ve special deals for you on buying these solar systems. Get in touch with our representatives today to get a quick quote.

Need advice before the actual installation? Call us at 1300-004-077 for a walkthrough of your project.


Author: Solar Beam

Solar Beam is Australia’s#1 solar panel installer providing best and affordable solar solution to the homeowners, entrepreneurs, and their communities. The shift towards clean, affordable and reliable power in the NSW is most noticeable in the fast expansion of solar panels mounted on the tops of homes and organizations.

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