How To Select The Right Aerial Lift Is Right For Job Task?

aerial lift

Safe working at height is the core element of rent an aerial lift work platform.

There are different types of access platforms available that are essential to perform various different operations at heights.

The nature of performing operations at heights might vary based on industry as each industry has distinct necessities such as –

  • The construction industry desires to work on rough terrain,
  • A facility management industry wants to work indoor,
  • The aviation industry needs more flexibility in terms of height and reach, and so on.

That is why Torcan Lift offers a range of aerial work platforms that are suitable to perform tasks at various heights safely.

Furthermore, Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about which aerial lift is right for me.

The Complete Guide To Aerial Lifts

Aerial lifts fall into three major classes –

Despite the fact that they may appear to be fundamentally the same as each one fills a one of a kind need and is most appropriate for various jobs and conditions.

Scissor Lifts

Aerial Lift

Scissor Lifts are hydraulic platforms that lift and lower heavy loads and workers.

The scissor lift design allows the platforms to be raised directly on top of the base.

Moreover, this gives unique stability and distinguishes the scissor lift from other aerial lifts.

Particularly, a scissor lift is ideal for significant responsibility loading and unloading or in lasting or semi-perpetual installations where employees frequently require to lift & inferior weighty gear and materials.

Types of Scissor lifts

There are three major types of scissor lifts: Slab Lifts, Rough-Terrain Lifts, & Single-Man Lifts and Platforms.


Slab scissor lift are mainly electric-power equipment, best suitable for smooth, paved, flat surfaces.


Rough-Terrian scissor lifts equipped with heavy-duty tires and four-wheel drive to maneuver off-road conditions.

Single-Man Scissor Lifts

Single-man scissor lifts are designed for a single worker at a time and are often light enough to be a push.

Boom Lifts

Aerial Lift

Boom Lifts are another sort of aerial work stages and we are known by a few different names including –

  • Cherry Picker
  • Man Lift
  • Basket Crane

A basic boom lift consists of a grounded bottom, a hydraulic lift system powering a crane, and a platform or bucket.

Boom lifts can make longer anywhere from 30 to 170 feet and can either be electrically powered or powered by IC engines.

However, Booms are regularly using by firefighters, construction, electricians, and sometimes even window cleaners.

Type Of Boom Lifts

There are two major types of boom lift that you can use.

Straight Booms

Straight Booms, frequently called telescopic boom lifts, have a work platform that is attached to a telescopic extension arm.

Articulating Booms

Articulating Booms have multiple boom segments that articulate or “hinge”.


Aerial Lift

A telescopic handler, also well-known as a Telehandler, is a rough terrain variable reach forklift.

 Telehandlers operate like a forklift, however at greater heights, and are most commonly uses in the agricultural and construction industries.

Moreover, the majority Telehandlers accompany a 4 wheel drive suspension furnished with a telescopic boom that gives lift heights of 50 feet or more.

Types of Telehandlers

There are two main types of telehandlers.

Telescopic Handler

This is the standard telehandler, with an arm that goes up and down in and out.

Rotating Telehandler

Like a standard telehandler, the rotating telehandler has the ability to move the arm in similar movements.

Why Torcan Lift?

Torcan Lift is a pioneer in the aerial work stage industry and always focuses on delivering the best customer experience.

Our fluctuated fleet offers adaptability regarding choosing the right aerial work platform to get the job finish at tallness securely.

Prepared to lease an aerial lift?

View our full range of lifts online, or call us @ (416) 743 2500  for more assistance picking an aerial lift.

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