How to Pick the Best Aerial Lifts for Rent: Types and Factors

aerial lifts for rent

When it comes to hiring aerial lifts for rent, you should settle on the correct decision before choosing a particular match for your project.

If you are not well-versed with the vast majority of these tools, it becomes even more testing to know what to utilize and on which project.

If you have a project that wants you to arrive at great heights, then aerial lifts for rent are an ideal match.

But Are There Different Types Of Aerial Lifts?


Aerial Lifts come in three primary and varying categories:

You may have heard of these terms or may be observed in different environments. There is an overall confusion that these lifts perform the same purpose, which is bogus.

If you’re looking to rent aerial equipment, it’s imperative to know your full span of options.

This guide to picking the right aerial lift rental will cover the different Types Of Aerial Lifts for rent plus the top five things to consider before you sign the rental agreement.

5 Things To Consider Before Hiring Aerial Lifts for Rent

Here are some key factors to keep in mind when renting the right aerial lift:

#1. Terrain

Lifts come in a variety of designs to suit particular surfaces. Select from rough terrain models among scissor lifts, boom lifts, or a Telehandler.

These usually work for projects involving dirt, rock, and other traction hazards. Or opt for the models made for indoor projects and smooth surfaces to prevent scratching.

#2. Power Source

Beware of your energy source. Choose from a complete range of lifts that work off of electric, gasoline, diesel, & propane power sources.

#3. Heights

Models can adjust to 10 feet and up to 85+ feet. And with numerous models in between, you can select the accurate height for your requirements without overpaying.

#4. Space

Have an exhaustive understanding of your space to guarantee your lift fits accurately. From far-reaching workspaces to areas requiring tight moving through doorways or hallways, we offer the correct machines to get the job done.

#5. Transportation and Proximity

Are you operating one job or multiple job sites? How close or far away are they? It is important to know which lifts can travel freely to locations and which requires towing, so you can organize accordingly.

Types Of Aerial Lifts

If you’re wondering how to rent aerial equipment, then the first place to start is understanding the types of job you want to accomplish. 

Before you can select the correct aerial lift for the occupation, you have to understand what varieties of aerial equipment are accessible and the scenario each one is useful for. 

That way, you can limit your choice by application, getting you closer to the ideal rental choice.  

Here are the three main types of aerial lift rentals and what they’re used for:

#1. Scissor lifts

Scissor Lifts are suitable for indoor construction and maintenance tasks. It eliminates the use of scaffolding.

A Scissor Lift Rental will encourage you to lift personnel and their tools and equipment carefully to heights without convoluted controls and working procedures.

#2. Boom Lifts

A Boom Lift is designed for heavy-duty applications. They are capable of lifting hundreds of pounds of materials to extreme heights.

Different kinds of Boom Lift Rentals offer better reach capabilities. We also have articulated boom lifts that have extended jibs to accomplish up-and-over reach.

#3. Telehandlers

These are similar to conventional boom lifts in that they have a telescopic arm for extensive and reaching heights, but they’re also highly versatile machines.

Telehandlers can be used with many attachments, including buckets and forks for heavy-duty construction capabilities and operations across rough terrains.

Find Aerial Lift Rentals Near You 

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