When Should You Patch, Resurface, or Replace Your Asphalt Driveway?

Asphalt Driveway Repair

Deteriorated pavement seems unattractive, reduces your residence value and is costly to repair. In this term, it’s best to consider all options available.

When it’s about Asphalt Driveway, repairs can be quite expensive and inconvenient at times. Well, you need to understand, not in all issues, your driveway requires entire replacement.  However, sometimes Repairing or Resurfacing is the best option to go for; saving up your timing and bucks both.

Nonetheless, it’s worth only when you know when to repair, resurface or replace your driveway. Not only this will save you from spending huge, but also prevent unnecessary service. You need to understand the difference so you can decide which service is suitable for your driveway in the future.

When to Repair Your Driveway?

Asphalt is quite popular as a driveway and paving material because of its intense durability. However, after a certain time interval, it starts having issues. Particularly this applies to the winter season when your driveway is covered with a thick layer of snow. With warm weather melted snow sips underneath of the asphalt.

when to repair your driveway

Well, this gives rise to numerous driveway problems which are not worrisome. Still, you need to deal with it as a priority to get rid out of the asphalt issues. The common problems you might encounter on the road are cracks, pothole & dispersion. And to repair those distresses contractors often use Pothole Patching Machine.

When to Resurface Your Driveway?

When repair doesn’t seem ineffective, you require to get your driveway resurfaced. Resurfacing is not very tricky to make you confuse. Simply, in this process, an extra layer of asphalt is applied at the top of the driveway. Not only this gives your asphalt a brand new look but strengthen it. Also, this avoids further deterioration of the pavement.


Resurfacing is one of the best options to go for when minor cracks are disturbing your driveway. However, this goes good, when the base layer of your pavement is intact and in good condition. Well, the condition of your pavement determines if the upper asphalt layer remain or would be removed and replaced.

When to Replace Your Driveway?

Resurfacing is a good way to get your driveway rejuvenated. Still, it doesn’t always stand on the best measure. Asphalt remains durable for around 15 years, after that its structural strengths start depleting. Hence, the driveway gets deteriorated from the base layer to the upper layer. In such scenarios, repairs and resurfacing are not worth it.

when to replace your driveway

As whatever service you go for, you will get accounted for asphalt issues again and again. In such circumstances, its best to replace your driveway entirely. Asphalt Paving Toronto can be a good option that will be durable and reliable for the long term.

What Is Asphalt Driveway Cost?

Well, Driveway Paving Cost is the first thing hitting your mind when you think of asphalt service or resurface. Nonetheless, the estimation depends on lots of several factors relating to your pavement. Actually, the costing differs from pavement to pavement and requirement of a particular climate or asphalt owner.

Usually, Cost to Pave a Driveway varies with different factors including:

  • Area to be paved
  • Thickness of asphalt and base
  • Quality of material
  • Labor cost

And A Lot More!

For a specified pricing, you need to discuss several aspects of your pavement with the contractor. We would suggest you to contact the Best Asphalt Paving Company Toronto, Main Infrastructure. We are the best asphalt dealer of the town known for our impeccable services and stunning customer experience.

Which Is the Best Place to Get High-Quality Asphalt Services?

Get your asphalt services from the top paver in Toronto, Main Infrastructure. Our mission lies in keeping carbon footprint at least while getting our customers with a long sustainable finish. Significantly we’re admired for our budget-friendly commercial & residential paving services.

Our expert personnel gets the things right to get you with top-notch customer services. Moreover, our highly equipped technicians are liable to get you durable and lasting asphalt going for long. While behind our exceptional services lies the extensive effort of our team.

We take every project as a priority and try to provide the service with super precision. Meanwhile, we keep the safety standard intact.

Our Exceptional Services Includes:

  • Pothole Spray Patching
  • Infrared Asphalt Patching
  • Manhole/Catch Basin Repair
  • Asphalt Crack Sealing
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Vacuum/Hydrovac
  • Sweeping Services

Contact our representative to have further queries about your asphalt project. We take enthusiasm and full efforts to get our clients with exceptional customer experiences. We would also help you to estimate Asphalt Driveway Cost for free.

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Main Infrastructure is the best pothole repair company in Toronto that offers all kinds of asphalt repair and maintenance services. To provide you with a durable and resurrected pavement, we retain the material quality and service standard.

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  1. Wow, it’s impressive to know that asphalt can stay durable for almost 15 years. I’ve been thinking about hiring an asphalt paving service soon in order to make my driveway look a lot more attractive. I didn’t know that getting such a driveway can be a good investment that can last way into the future.

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