Best Canon Photo Recovery Software

Best Canon Photo Recovery Software

When it comes to capturing images, Canon is the foremost preference of everyone. But sometimes, mishaps occur and you lose all your precious photos from your Canon. Despite this, it is surprisingly possible to get back all your photos with the help of Stellar, the best canon photo recovery software.

Yes, it is true. Stellar Photo Recovery software is the perfect solution on how to recover deleted photos from Canon Eos Rebel t6, t6i, and t5 as well.

You might lose the photos and videos from your Canon Eos for a lot of reasons such as accidental deletion, careless formatting or it might be due to some technical error too. However, most people think that it is impossible to undelete a photo once it has been deleted and get confused with how to recover deleted photos from SD card. But that’s not the case.

When you erase or format your Canon memory card, the previously occupied space becomes reusable to be overwritten by the new files. It should be noted that overwriting must be prevented from performing a successful Canon Eos photo recovery.

Stellar software for photo recovery is the best canon photo recovery software in the market.

Stellar Photo Recovery Software – Best Canon Photo Recovery Software

It can retrieve almost all multimedia file formats from a wide variety of devices. Along with the free trial version, it is also available in three editions: Standard, Professional, and Premium. It is designed with the capability to search deleted, inaccessible or missing photos and recover them within a short period. In case you’re a Mac user, you can go for Stellar free photo recovery software Mac.

Powerful Features of Stellar Photo Recovery Software

The key features of this PC photos recovery software contribute to its popularity.

  • Supports all major Camera brands and image formats including RAW and JPEG
  • Retrieves deleted video and audio files in addition to images.
  • Recovers from memory cards, SD cards, flashcards, memory sticks, etc.
  • Performs recovery on BitLocker encrypted drives.
  • Lets you save the scan information and resume recovery later.
  • Lets you add your file header.
  • Creates a sector-by-sector image of the selected device.
  • The deep scan feature performs a more comprehensive search.
  • Previews the detected files in three ways- File Type, Tree View, and Deleted List.
  • Supports the recovery of Unicode files too.
  • Premium edition comes with corrupt or damaged file repair functionalities.
  • Performs smooth recovery on 6TB and more capacity devices

Steps to Use Stellar Photo Recovery Software

It is a do-it-yourself tool and is technically easy to use. Go by the steps below resolve the issue of how to recover deleted photos from the camera:

  • Connect the Canon memory card to your system. Download and install the software.
  • From the ‘Advanced Scan’ option, choose the desired file types after selecting the drive.
  • Press ‘Scan’ to initialize the scanning procedure.
  • Select the files to be recovered after previewing the thumbnails.
  • Click on ‘Recover’ and specify the saving destination.
  • Finally, press ‘Start saving’


As you can see Stellar is undoubtedly the best canon photo recovery software or one of the best pc photos recovery software because it works effectively irrespective of the kind of photo loss situation you encounter. In order to regain your seemingly lost photos, you need to stop using your Canon camera or memory card immediately. Photographers, editors, and videographers highly recommend this tool to yield satisfactory results.

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