Best Solar Power System NSW [Top Picks in 2020]

Best Solar Panels

Planning to install a solar system in your home will take a toll on your budget if you don’t know the right way to invest. This blog will tell you about the Best Solar Power System NSW in Australia so that you get the best ROI on your investment.

People residing in Australia are quite familiar with the usefulness of solar energy. Accordingly, they consider installing a solar system in their home a need for conserving the environment.

The good thing is, with the advent of technology and governmental schemes, solar is becoming more affordable for them.

And by picking the right solar power system NSW, they can save even more. Let’s see how solar will put you at an advantage when compared to conventional sources of energy.

Points To Remember While Installing Solar Power System NSW 

Well, solar has been quite the rage within Australia for quite some time now. Every year, many Aussies switch to solar for its amazing benefits over environment-risking energy sources.

Apparently, solar is not only good for the environment. But Solar Power NSW proves to be good for your budget as well.

Check out the following points to know exactly how solar can benefit you.

  • Solar incentives by the Australian government for new installations reducing the overall expense.
  • Renewable source of energy reducing carbon footprint and offering eco-friendly energy solution in the long run.
  • Extra savings through additional credits on energy supplied to the grid by grid-connected systems.
  • The long-term warranty period for at least 20-30 years on a single solar installation
  • An opportunity for business establishments to save on energy bills while being called an environment-conscious organization.
  • Business owners with ABN (Australian Business Number) can claim GST credit to save on taxes.

With all that said, let’s see some of the best solar power systems for you in Australia.

Choosing the Right Solar Power System NSW – Best Picks In The Market!

Well, the Australian solar market is literally full of choices when it comes to residential solar installation.

How do you discern which one will be the best value for your money?

Read this section to find the Best Solar Power System NSW that saves you the most.

#1. 10kw Solar System

This is the best buy when you need a solution that meets the energy requirement of a large family. To put it precisely, you really won’t be needing any other energy source when you install a 10kw Solar Panels system.

It’s quite enough to meet your requirements even if you run electrical appliances all day long.

10kw Solar System Highlights:

  • 40 x 250W solar panels
  • Per day energy efficiency of 29-46kWh
  • A branded inverter along with the PV panels
  • 25-30 years of performance warranty
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of 10-12 years on PV panels
  • Certified Australian Standard mountings

#2. 6.6kw Solar System

Are you looking for a system size for your medium to large-sized home or a small business premise?

Pick the 6.6kw Solar Panels for the best savings on installing a solar system.

A 6.6kw Solar System is one of the most popular options for homebuyers in Australia for its energy efficiency.

6.6kw Solar System Highlights:

  • 24 x 275W solar panels
  • Per day energy efficiency of 20-27kWh
  • Tier-1 inverter along with PV panels
  • Performance warranty of 25-30 years
  • 10-12 years manufacturer’s warranty on PV panels
  • Certified Australian Standard mountings

#3. 5kw Solar System

This system option is the most common pick for people with an average-sized household. The cost-efficiency of the 5kw solar panels makes it the number one choice among Aussies.

5kw Solar System Highlights:

  • 20 x 250W solar panels
  • Per day energy output of 22-24kWh
  • Installation of a branded upgradable inverter along with PV panels
  • 25-30 years of performance warranty
  • 10-12 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Certified Australian Standard mountings

For more information on any of these systems, you need a solar installer with years of hands-on experience.

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Solar Beam is Australia’s#1 solar panel installer providing best and affordable solar solution to the homeowners, entrepreneurs, and their communities. The shift towards clean, affordable and reliable power in the NSW is most noticeable in the fast expansion of solar panels mounted on the tops of homes and organizations.

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