What are the Best Supplements for Men to Build Muscles?

TestoGen vs Prime Male vs TestRX

Best Testosterone Supplements – Detailed review of top 3 that work

Men slave away for hours inside the gym to get the body of their dreams. You may have tried numerous bodybuilding diets but have not been able to get the kind of results you want. 

Well, diets and workouts are indispensable. But there can be other reasons for why you’re not able to bulk like you want to. 

In fact, some men tend to put on fat more easily than muscles. This usually happens either due to hormonal issues or a bad lifestyle. 

While a bad lifestyle is easily fixable, hormonal issues stay until you deliberately try some treatment for it. 

Moreover, one of the leading hormonal issues men face these days is the lack of anabolic hormones aka testosterone. Men need testosterone to put on lean muscle tissue.

So, taking testosterone supplements can help you achieve your bodybuilding goals.


How Testosterone Supplementation Helps Build Muscle Mass?

Men lose testosterone as they grow older. This can have a number of negative physiological effects. Some of the most notable ones include obesity, loss of stamina, and feeling irritable. 

Well, your best bet at heightening the hormonal levels once again is to supplement certain nutrients. 

Dietary intake may help or may not help. Because aged men have issues assimilating the nutrients from diet alone. 

So, basically testosterone supplements are what you need. It adds to the nutrients you may be lacking from your diet. 

Testosterone pills have vitamins and minerals clinically proven to help balance out anabolic hormones. Thus, making it easy for you to put on lean muscle tissue. 

Here is how a testosterone supplement helps you build muscle:

  • Burns body fat stores to tone the muscles
  • Powers up workouts
  • Supports muscle oxygenation
  • Speeds up muscle recovery to repair tears after intense workouts

Well, the supplement industry is brimming with testosterone supplements promising miracles. But only a few of them actually work. 

To make your choice easier, here we’ve shortlisted some of the best of them. 

Best Testosterone Supplements to Build Lean Muscle Mass

The below-mentioned T-Boosters have compounds specifically made to regenerate testosterone health. Men have actually noticed results with consistent use along with a healthy diet.

Having said that, let’s have a look at the supplements. 

#1. TestoGen – Best Testosterone Supplements


TestoGen is the most known testosterone supplement for men facing hormonal issues. It has been long since the supplement has been in the market. 

Moreover, TestoGen Reviews indicate the T-supplement is highly effective at pumping up the lean muscle build. Men taking the pills also report they lose weight and notice more energy while working out. 

Well, TestoGen is the T-booster for you if you’re aging and want something all-natural to repair your health. Another effective option for men above 30 is Prime Male. 

In fact, there are some ingredients that TestoGen and Prime Male share in common. That’s why we recommend you to read TestoGen vs Prime Male reviews before making your buying decision. 

#2. Prime Male

Prime Male

As mentioned above, Prime Male is made for men above 30. The T-Booster makes use of clinically tested ingredients to raise testosterone levels.

The main benefits of taking Prime Male are weight loss, better cardiovascular health, better moods, and more lean mass. Of course, all these benefits come from the massive T-Boost Prime Male offers. 

Both TestoGen and Prime Male deliver what they promise. Still, reading the comparative review of Prime Male vs TestoGen will help you have a better understanding of the differences.

Interestingly, Prime Male is also safe and effective for men as old as 70 years. This might be something to keep in mind if you’re in the same age bracket.

#3. TestRX

Best Testosterone Supplements

TestRX is the leading testosterone cum bodybuilding supplement. In fact, it also has ZMA which is a killer combination of vitamins and minerals. ZMA, along with its other ingredients, form a power-packed combination to help you build muscle tissue. 

Furthermore, TestRX is also an excellent choice if you’re particularly interested in bodybuilding. Other benefits of the T-Booster also include losing weight and cutting fat from your body.

TestoGen and TestRX have some minerals like zinc and magnesium in common as ingredients. So, here’s a comparative article on TestoGen vs TestRX to find which supplement has better dosage.

Hopefully, you have picked your choice of the testosterone supplement by now.

Though, whichever you choose, remember to follow the recommended serving size for them to really work. 

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