Melacyn – Best Vitiligo Cream in India

Best Vitiligo Cream

Vitiligo affects about 1% of people across the globe and is phenotypically characterized by acquired depigmented patches of skin from which melanocytes have been lost. The most common type is non-segmental generalized vitiligo, which presents with widely distributed, usually symmetric, and progressive lesions. Vitiligo has a pronounced impact on the physical and mental health of patients, so to cure this pharma industry came up with Best Vitiligo Cream. Impact of Vitiligo includes loss of skin photoprotection, compromised cutaneous immunity, and an appreciable reduction in quality of life that is directly correlated with the early age of onset (typically in the first two decades of life).

A trigger event instigate stress responses in the skin that elicit an autoimmune response in genetically susceptible individuals. It ultimately targets the melanocytes known to have an inherited fragility, predisposing individuals to develop vitiligo. The most significant progress in understanding of disease etiology have three fronts. Three fronts includes, characterizing the stress responses activated by vitiligo triggers, delineating the autoimmune components that cause disease progression, and identifying susceptibility genes. By a deep understanding of disease Best Derma Pharma Company in India came up with MELACYNBest Vitiligo Cream in India. MELACYN effectively promote complete repigmentation with long-lasting effects while preventing recurrence.

Let’s come to the details on Best Vitiligo Cream.

Best Vitiligo Cream in India

Several articles about vitiligo treatment with oral and topical phenylalanine with encouraging results are available on research websites . Phenylalanine is not phototoxic and it induces tolerance to sun exposure of the vitiligoid skin areas, which usually tend to burn, allowing the use in children.  Phenylalanine acts as an inhibitor of cytolitic antibodies. It allows sun radiation to stimulate the migration of melanocytes from the adjacent areas. Phenylalanine also allows the production of melanine in the damaged, yet undestroyed, melanocytes of the epidermis or the follicular bulb.

Because of a Phenylalanine on several other important ingredients MELACYN becomes the Best Vitiligo Cream in India.

People are very happy with cure for vitiligo found, which is clearly better than vitiligo cure 2018. This treatment is even giving a tough competition to best vitiligo treatment in USA to become best vitiligo treatment in world. Now, how you should use this to cure vitiligo.

How to use MELACYN –



1 tablet once a day


Apply a thin layer to the affected area twice a day

OR as prescribed by a doctor

So, you may use this Vitiligo Treatment in India as vitiligo treatment at home.

But, it’s very important to work on diets to cure vitiligo permanently.

Diet-Plan For Vitiligo Treatment

Omega-3 fatty acids could be helpful for vitiligo patients. The potent free radical scavenging properties of carotenoids could also be harnessed to treat vitiligo.
Researchers concludes in a research Quercetin have strong cytoprotective effects on H 2 O 2 -induced cell death. Onion and apple, the richest sources of quercetin, are thus beneficial for vitiligo patients. Moreover, thiols, which are abundant in onion, exert an antioxidant activity toward superoxide anion, hydrogen peroxide and singlet oxygen. Thiols also block electrophilic metabolites and modulate several xenobiotic-metabolizing pathways.  Crimini mushrooms are also helpful for vitiligo patients.

A mouse study concludes the ability of lactoferrin to downregulate levels of TNF-α and IL-6. Lactoperoxidase, an important enzyme in the whey fraction of milk, has the ability to catalyze certain molecules, including the reduction of hydrogen peroxide. Alpha-lactalbumin, also found in whey, can chelate heavy metals and reduce oxidative stress because of its iron-chelating properties. Whey also has GSH peroxidase activity. According to these facts, vitiligo patients can gain benefit by consuming whey. Interestingly, human studies demonstrated that whey protein improved cognitive function and coping ability in highly stressed individuals. A rise in serotonin leads to improve in adaptation to stress and one researcher proposed that tryptophan available in whey provides a substrate to increase brain serotonin levels.

The above diet-details are conclusion of researches of Top Dermatology Pharmaceutical Companies In India.

So, use Best Vitiligo Cream(ointment for vitiligo in india) and follow above recommended diets to cure vitiligo permanently.




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