How Should You Choose the Best Aerial Lift Equipment?

boom lift or scissor lift

Choosing aerial equipment can be tricky. Many different machines can be used for construction and maintenance projects. 

But which one is right for you?

Once you realize that ladders and ropes aren’t the answer to your complex and perhaps somewhat dangerous tasks, you face a choice among Scissor Lift, Cherry Picker or Boom Lift

Here, we are going to explore which lift is best for your needs.

What Is a Boom Lift?

A Boom Lift is very similar to a man lift or a Cherry Picker. It has a hydraulic-operated element that lifts the basket with a member of staff to a certain height.

The element is similar to an extending arm. It’s operated from the base part of the machine on the ground. 

There are two types of boom lifts that exist:

  • Articulating Boom Lift – A joint arm bends at one or more places and offers excellent reach and flexibility.
  • Telescopic Boom Lift – A long and straight arm that doesn’t bend and has limited flexibility but a higher reach than Articulating Boom Lift.

Boom Lifts can reach heights of up to 180 feet and often beyond.

So, a boom lift or Cherry Picker Rental is probably a good fit for projects at greater heights and requiring a wide range of movement.

What Is a Scissor Lift?

Here, the lift pushes the basket with workers using crisscrossed braces. They compress like a spring and push the platform to the essential height.

These lifts can only move in one direction – vertical. The lift is operated from the bottom, which needs a stable ground to give proper functionality. 

Scissor lifts are perfect for jobs on the sides of a building and shelving work, or for aerial work where you need to get under a structure (like hanging signage).

Scissor lifts usually don’t reach higher than 40 feet.

Which One Is Right For You?

To figure out which lift is the best option for your project, you need to evaluate the following factors:

#1. What Direction Are You Moving?

When you’re making a decision between a scissor lift and a Boom Lift, it’s important to consider the direction of movement.

If you’re elevating a worker to a spot that’s both up and over, you’ll need to use a boom lift. 

These are great for electrical or piping repair in a difficult-to-reach area. If the work is moving straight up, a scissor lift may suffice. This is a common pick for window or siding installation, cleaning, and repair.

#2. How High Do You Need to Go?

Consider the height of your project. A scissor lift can only lift up your workers to about 40 feet. This is enough for most of the residential projects and indoor tasks. 

However, if you’re trimming very tall trees or working on a high-rise building, 40 feet may not be sufficient.

Articulating and telescopic boom lifts can reach more than three times as far. 

These are the best options if you need something with more height reach.

#3. How Many People Do You Need for the Job?

Boom lifts can typically provide accommodation for only one individual on the lift platform.

These are best for jobs where you need specialty work performed by a single highly skilled worker. Electrical work is a prime example.

If you need to lift more than one individual and a scissor lift can access the site, this is your best choice.

Rough terrain scissor lifts are available to help you navigate rougher construction sites. Moreover, a scissor lift’s platform is significantly larger. 

This equipment can hold a number of individuals, so you can lift your whole team to the work area for tasks like painting or major repairs.

#4. What’s Your Budget?

Boom lifts are the more costly option by far. A scissor lift is relatively affordable to rent. This is the better choice if you’re looking to stay on a limited budget with your project. 

Boom lifts offer more functionality, but they can also be more complex to use, particularly in the case of an articulating boom lift. Accordingly, they are also more expensive.

If your project is easily reached with either option, you can save money by choosing a scissor lift.

A boom lift or a Scissor Lift for Sale provides suitable access to otherwise inaccessible sites.

With the correct equipment on hand, you can efficiently tackle any job.

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