Are You in Trouble With the Hectic Canon Camera Error Codes

Canon Camera Error Codes and Fixes

You are all set to go for a trip, planned everything taken your camera but suddenly your camera is showing a certain kind of error.

Now it has ruined your planned trip, but don’t worry these kinds of errors are very common that occur frequently.

Moreover, you only need to fix them, however, you can go for manual methods which we’ll be discussing below.

Now, going ahead let’s understand what is Canon camera error codes and fixes of it.

Canon Camera Error Codes and Fixes of The Errors

The error of the digital camera arises in a code that makes it difficult to understand why the camera isn’t working.

Simultaneously, the errors are of different types and occur due to different reasons.

However, we’ll be discussing all of them and also provide the solution for it.

Canon Camera Error Codes List

As discussed above there are different variants of the error like error code 01, error code 2, and many more.

Comparatively, let’s understand the reason as well as the solution behind the error.

Canon Camera Error Code 01

The error generally arises when there is a lack of communication between the camera and the lens.

Additionally, when the camera doesn’t get the message by the lens and this leads to Canon camera troubleshooting.

The solution to Fix the Error

Try to clean the lens with dry clothes and check if there is nothing stuck on the lens.

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Canon Camera Error 2

The error occurs when the camera doesn’t get access to the memory card.


Remove the memory card then reinsert it or you can also format the memory card.

Canon Error 03 & 04

Occurs when there is no space left in the memory card.


Try to move the folders of the memory to the computer.

Canon Error 05

The error occurs due to inaccurate working of inbuilt flash


Switch the camera off and then again switch it on after some time to check.

Canon Error 20

This error occurs due to mechanical shutter or mirror problems of the camera.


Remove the battery or change the lens of the camera, However, if the error arises again you need to go to the nearest service center.

Moreover, if the warranty of your camera has outdated you have to also give the Canon error 20 repair cost.

Canon Error 30

The error occurs when the shutter is stuck and creates a problem in the shooting.

Canon Error 30 Fixing Solution

Check whether the shutter is blocked and try to clean the sensor.

Canon Camera E42 Error Code

The error occurs when there is something stuck on the lens of the camera.


Replace the older lens of the camera with the new one.

Now, moving further these were some of the manual methods to fix the exhausting errors.

Subsequently, you can also go for the best canon photo recovery software.

Along with the error codes, there are some of the Canon digital camera problems that also arise…

Let’s discuss them below…

Canon Digital Camera Problems

There are different kinds of problems that generally arise in the camera…

Some of them are…

  • When the LCD doesn’t display the image.
  • The camera is showing inaccurate colors in the photos.
  • When the camera has a damaged lens cap.

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Now, here we end our discussion on Canon camera error codes and fixes.

However, if you find any queries tell us in the comment section below…

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