How Much Does Asphalt Paving Cost in Ontario?

cost to asphalt a driveway

What Is the Cost to Asphalt a Driveway?

Replacing or repairing an asphalt driveway can add to your home’s curb appeal and better its resale value.

While asphalt driveways don’t last as long as their concrete counterpart, they’re one of the most cost-effective choices.

The typical life expectancy of an asphalt driveway is 20 years. But it’s important to take necessary maintenance measures.

Without proper maintenance, the oils in the asphalt oxidize and lead to premature cracking from brittleness.

In cases where the driveway is old and crumbling, it may be a better idea to hire a driveway contractor to replace it than to repair it.

Many contractors say asphalt driveways don’t need replacing between 15 and 25 years if correctly maintained.

Still, it’s important to know how much it can cost if you do need to repair or replace your driveway.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the Asphalt Driveway Cost and what factors are responsible to determine it.

Cost to Asphalt a Driveway – Major Factors

Aside from the size of a driveway, several other factors determine the price.

Mostly size is the number one factor. But driveways on a slope or ones with odd shapes or lengths can also add to the cost. 

Homeowners can expect to pay up to $50 an hour to have a company remove small trees near the area and about $200 to $400 for heavy machinery and laborers to prepare a new driveway base. 

Though, the exact estimation of these costs will depend on your location.

Each job is different. A difficult layout or existing drainage problems may cause a price increase because it may take longer to complete.

While Asphalt Driveway Cost Ontario is more affordable than options such as concrete, the total cost that you will incur for a new driveway will depend on multiple factors.

Some of these include:

#1: Costs Of Material 

The material costs for asphalt driveways can vary depending on your location. You should also keep in mind factors such as shipping costs and fuel surcharges.

A typical asphalt driveway will require, at minimum, two base coats. One coat will go on the bottom and another will be present at the top.

The cost of asphalt ranges from approx. $3 to $5 per square foot, including labor. It is easier to get a better idea of the total cost when you calculate it on the basis of tonnes.

#2: Installation

The equipment and the processes needed during installation also influence the Cost of Driveway Paving.

At the beginning of the installation, contractors may need to ensure that the driveway is slightly sloped so that drainage can be effective.

A base composed of gravel is usually installed between the asphalt layer and the underlying surface. The landscaping work required will typically add to the installation and labor costs.

#3: Maintenance 

Asphalt driveways typically last for about 20 years and need a touch-up/maintenance on a regular basis (2-5 years). 

You’re likely to face the decision of installing a new driveway or simply resurfacing the existing driveway.

Some common maintenance tips:

  • Patch any cracks or holes in asphalt prior to paving
  • Avoid gas and oil spills because they can leave hard-to-remove stains
  • Avoid rock salt for deicing as it is also damaging to driveways, especially newer ones, and can lead to cracking. 

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