Credit Card Cash Advance vs Payday Loan: Which One To Choose?


At times of financial shortcome, mostly people look to get affordable cash budgets as fast as possible.  For those who don’t have their savings they consider using a Credit Card Cash Advance Or Payday Loan.

Thus this blog provides you with the information of how to get Quick Online Loans using your credit card cash advance vs payday loan – both of them lets people get money into their hands very quickly.

This article shows you the pros and cons of both the options that can help you avoiding negative effects of a high-interest loan.

Lets start with understanding both the terms. Starting firstly with credit card cash advance,

#1. What Is A Credit Card Cash Advance?

A credit card cash advance is a loan from your credit card that initiates you to get instant cash, whether from an ATM, a bank withdrawal, a check or another method.

The fees can be a burden. Expect to pay a cash advance fee, typically ranging from 2% to 8% with a $10 minimum – and an interest rate that’s at least a couple of percentage points higher than what you would be charged for purchases.

Be sure to understand interest rates. With a Online Cash Advance, you’re likely charged interest right away. The grace period you typically get with credit card purchases doesn’t apply.

Now coming to online Payday Loan,

#2. What Is A Payday Loan?

Payday loans are charged an upfront fee to receive up to about $500, and more fees gets on adding if you’re unable to pay it off within a two- to four-week loan term. The interest can accumulate quickly.

A two-week payday loan could have a fee of $15 per $100, which equals an APR of about 400%, much higher than the rate of a typical Personal Loan Online Or Credit Card.

But you should know that whether your states allows such kinds of loans. Moreover Payday loans are allow in more than 30 states, with several states capping the interest rate on loans.

To start the process, you borrow against an income source such as your paycheck, pension or Social Security. You write a check for the balance of the loan or authorize the lender to access your bank account.

The check or withdrawal authorization allows the lender to take the money from your account if you don’t pay off the loan in time.

Credit Card Cash Advance vs Payday Loan

Both credit card cash advances and payday loans include upfront fees and ongoing charges if they are not pay off quickly.

Payday loans have the highest upfront charge, with a fee of approximately $15 per $100, which adds up to $75 on a $500 loan. Though it can be manageable if the loan is paid off within the loan period.

If you pay off the credit card cash advance within a few weeks, your costs should be lower than a payday loan because the upfront fee is less, and the interest won’t pile up.

Making a decision shouldn’t take place in a vacuum.  Regardless of how you deal with a short-term money crunch, working with a nonprofit financial advisor is a good way to prevent it from happening again.

For example, a counselor can help you figure out a budget and where you could cut expenses.

However if you are confuse about which one among Credit Cash Advance vs Payday Loan to go… you better get a appointment with us and get your queries a end.

Loan Magnate support as well as understanding how to build cash reserves is available to you through a range of debt counseling services.

Our financial counselors will work through your whole financial picture to help you identify options that can relieve financial stress.

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