Do Famous Bodybuilders Also Use Steroids? Truth Revealed

Do Famous Bodybuilders Also Use Steroids

There are so many Body-builders who have earned their achievements through intense hard-work and dedication.

Some, on the other hand might have found it a smarter move to take the help of steroids.

If you are passionate about body-building too, you must have looked some upon some of the popular body-builders and their success stories.

So, we have come up with this blog to let you get some relevant info about Do Famous Bodybuilders Also Use Steroids or not!

Let us first inform you that the 3 Body-builders that we are going to discuss about would be as follows: –

  • BakharNabieva
  • Mike Bubby
  • Carrot Top

3 Most Famous Body-Builders That Everyone Admires

In the beginning, let’s get to know more about one of the very renowned Body-Builders named BakharNabieva.

She basically belongs to Azerbaijan. However, she lives in Western Ukraine for now. Let’s get to know more about her in the Do Famous Bodybuilders Also Use Steroids blog.

#1. BakharNabieva – Miss Iron Bum

BakharNabieva, widely known as Miss Iron Bum is admired by a lot of people due to her awesome physique that she has gained with her sheer dedication.

However, BakharNabieva Steroids was also talked a lot by people for quite a few times.

She nearly transformed her body in a while and gained ripped muscles and perfect legs.

Her journey in Body-building has been very inspiring as she used to get bullied in her school days. As she told the media, she used to be a very skinny girl in the school and was made fun of.

After a while, she decided to transform herself completely in any way. She started hitting the gyms without any prior experience.

However, her dedication and hard-work eventually made her the power-house of strength and weight-lifting.

We can deny the fact that she has worked very hard and earned her achievement, but how true is the statement that she took help of some steroids to complement her results?

Let’s find it out in the next section!

BakharNabieva And Her Steroids Usage

We can’t deny the fact that she gave all her devotion to achieve the ripped curves and booty.

Though, somewhere it’s also true that to bring that physique, she took the aid of performance enhancing drugs or steroid.

However, her dedicated workout sessions played the most prominent role in getting her that physique.

Where, having curvy body & perfect legs is a dream of million girls, she has it all with her hard work & the essential nutrients she is consuming.

This Ukrainian girl comes with the most shredded legs with the perfect buts.

Ever since she has started working out, her most favourite part is to train her legs.

With that said, some of the exercises she admires the most are leg extension, squats, & lats.

Now, getting ahead to the next section, let’s grab some information about our other acclaimed bodybuilder “Mike Bibby”.

#2. Mike Bibby – The Renowned Basketball Player

Mike Bibby who is a retired American Basketball Player played 14 seasons in the NBA.

Now, he is currently working as a head coach for his Alma Matter, Shadow Mountain high school that is  located in Phoenix, Arizona.

However, with the moving time he got some really good physique & looking jacked in his new look. Now, he is all over in the discussion about the change in his physique.

Well, he indeed worked very hard to come up with that look, as after the retirement he used to be very busy at gym.

If we take a look in the past, he wasn’t fit at all to be the part of NBA.

Well, as there is a saying hard work pays off, now he is looking insanely jacked at the age of 40.

But, there are also some quite evidences that Mike Bibby might be on steroid.

So, let’s move this discussion further & grab some more information about his Bodybuilding Steroids usage.

Mike Bibby Steroid Usage

In his interviews, when Mike Bibby was asked whether he has used steroid or not, he didn’t say anything but laughed.  

Thus, this probably indicates the he is on steroids, but it’s also a fact that he is putting too many efforts along with along with that.

Well, his handwork is very appreciable but the fact is this too that Mike Bibby Steroids also aided him to get that ripped body.

One can also easily understand by seeing his perfect cuts that he must be on those supplements.

As far as we talk about his workout plan, he has a very strict workout routine & he has been putting his endeavours to stay with that perfectly ripped body.

#3. Carrot Top – A Very Well Known Stand up Comedian

Carrot Top who is an American Stand up Comedian is his stage name, well his real name is Scott Thompson who is best known for his prop comedy.

This red-haired celebrity came into popularity & grabbed diverse attention due to his phenomenal body transformation.

Though, before jumping to the pint, whether he is on steroids or not, the one thing needed to be discussed is his facial transformation or we can say plastic surgery.

Well, it’s clearly evident from his before and after picture that shows the clear transformation of his facial structure.

As we know he is highly prominent for his appearance, the comedian claims of getting that entire curvy look with his dedicated training in the gym.

But, how much truth his words hold can be manifested in the next few lines.

So, let’s have a detailed discussion about the rumours or may be the truth of his steroids usage.

Carrot Top’s Anabolic Steroids Usage

As we already told you he used to deny the fact that he ever used steroid, and rather claims to have a strict diet that includes high intake of protein.

Well, we are not denying his words, he might have been on the strict diet along with the training in gym.

But, people believe that this comedian has utilized HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which is just like other several steroids.

So, as far as our knowledge is based on Carrot Top Steroids, he always stated that all these things are rumour and he has the tendency of working out regularly.

In short, he claims that it is only his workout that plays the role in his perfect shaped body.

Do Famous Bodybuilders Also Use Steroids: Conclusion

There is a hidden story behind the success of having that perfect body in every person, whether it is comedian, actor, or sportsperson.

Well, we have tried our best to give you the relevant eruditions about Do Famous Bodybuilders Also Use Steroids!

We hope that you found this article helpful, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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