How Do I Fix Error Code 50 On Mac?

Fix Mac Error Code 50

Despite the user-friendly features, Mac generates no more information than just an alert error code when something goes wrong with the system. Mac error code 50 is one of those alert messages. So, here in this blog, we will see some simple methods to Fix Mac Error Code 50.

Many users complain that “The Operation Cannot Be Completed Because an Unexpected Error Occurred Error Code 50” while operating the system. This error occurs “Mac “Error Code -50” Deleting File, copying or transferring files from one folder to another or from one drive to another.

During this error, you might get stuck with the current file and become unable to manage it. In such a scenario, we would recommend you go through our quick and easy solutions to Fix Mac Error Code 50.

But wait!

In a meanwhile, we will discuss all the possible solutions in order to Fix Mac Error Code 50. Before that let’s have a look at the main causes of this error.

So, if you’re scratching your head to know the reasons behind the cause of the Mac Error Code 50.

Then no more worries!!

Here, we’re going to put down the main causes of Mac Error Code 50.

Causes of Mac Error Code 50

Here are some of the causes of Mac Error Code 50:

  • When the program gets executed
  • File gets corrupted
  • Due to damage of program files
  • When the user accidentally deleted user file
  • Mac get to turn off due to power cut
  • Incorrectly modified BIOS settings
  • While sharing files from unsupported devices
  • This Mac Error Code 50 also occur because of External Hard Drive

And now without wasting your much time, let’s move to the solutions to How to Fix Mac Error Code 50.

Quick and Easy ways to Fix Mac Error Code 50

One must follow these steps if looking for How Do I Fix Error Code -50 On Mac

Method 1. Check the Drive with disk utility

Check whether drive formatting is going perfect or not with the help of disk utility. You have to do it in order to run a verification procedure on the storage volume in which files are store.

Steps to do this:

  • Select the volume of the sidebar of disk utility
  • Go to the first Aid tab
  • Click on the verify disk
  • If errors show up, click on the Repair button to fix it.

Don’t be disheartened, if the first method hasn’t worked for you.

Method 2. Eject and Re-Mount the Drive

For general and less invasive approaches, unplug your device. Then perform rebooting in your system. After that re-mount the external drive again in your Mac device. And once mounting gets completed, try to manage the file over it.

Method 3. Rename the File

Want a fast solution?

Then this method is for you.

In this method, simply rename your file because it refers to one of the quick solutions to fix error code 50. Change the present name of the file to the “myfile.txt” and accept the changes in the file extension.

Moreover, try to move or delete the file using the OS X Finder.

Method 4. Change Your Device Power Settings

If none of the above three methods worked for you, then try out this method in order to fix Mac error code 50.

To do this just follow the set forth steps:

  • Go to the system preferences
  • Select “Energy Saver”
  • Tick the checkbox appear with the message “Put the hard disks to sleep when possible”.

Finally, click on the OK button.

Method 5. Install and Run the Out-byte Mac Repair

Fortunately, there’re software tools in your device to boost up the performance of Mac. This can be done by emptying deleted unwanted files of certain locations. Out byte, Mac repair is one of that software. Install it now to get rid of the file that you’re trying to delete.

Method 6. Contact Mac’s Customer Service Team

If you’re not confident with your skills to troubleshoot this error then don’t get discouraged. This is because Mac offers an excellent customer support service. They have a large customer support team with the willingness to guide you in the entire process of resolving the error code 50.


Hope the aforementioned methods will help you to Fix Mac Error Code 50 and you must have realized that fixing Mac error code is an easy-peasy process. So, if your screen shows A Message Could Not Be Sent Error Code 50 Mac occurred, then follow these steps to fix it.

But if you come across any queries or get fail to resolve it on your own then contact Apple customer support number.

You can also share it with us via commenting in the comment box below. To get an immediate solution to all your queries.

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