How to Fix Mac Error Code 50?

fix mac error code 50

Are you getting Mac Error Code 50 while deleting a number of your files and looking for solutions to Fix Mac Error Code 50?

If yes, then you’re at the correct place. As a result of here, I am progressing to tell you why this code error happens and the way are you able to fix it.

Basically, Mac Error Code 50 is one of the alert messages. This occurs Mac “Error Code -50” while Deleting File whereas repeating or transferring your files from one device to a different device.

Throughout this error you standstill to the first file and you’re unable to modify to a different file, you get error messages like-

  1. The Operation Can’t Be Completed Because an Unexpected Error Occurred (Error Code -50).
  2. Share file Error Code 50 occurred
  3. MacBook Error 50 occurred
  4. Message Could Not Be Sent Error Code 50 Mac

During now, I might advocate you to go looking for “How Do I Fix Error Code -50 on Mac”. And guess what you’re the correct place to seek out it.

First, I might mention here that why you get this error message then the answer for your downside.

Causes of Mac Error Code 50:

Here are some possible causes of Mac Error Code 50, that you must know:  

  1. Once program get dead
  2. The file may get corrupted
  3. An injury might have occurred to program files.
  4. Once the user accidentally deleted the user file.
  5. Mac gets OFF thanks to the power outage.
  6. Incorrectly modifies BIOS settings.
  7. Whereas sharing files from an unprotected device.

Methods to Fix Mac Error Code 50

Here we have mentioned some solutions method to Fix Mac Error Code 50 that you can follow………….

Method 1- Check the Drive with Disk Utility

Check whether or not the drive info goes dead or not. If not you’ll be able to check it with the assistance of disk utility. You have got to try and do this so as to try and do a verification method on the storage within which the files square measure saved.


  • Select the degree of the sidebar of disk utility
  • Go to the primary aid tab.
  • Click on the verify disk
  • If you see the error message, click on the Repair button.

Don’t feel dangerous if this doesn’t work, I still have additional choices for you.

Method 2- Eject and Re-Mount the Drive

For the final approach, undo the device. Then perform the rebooting method. Then re-mount the external device in your drive once more.

Method 3- Rename the File

Want an easy method?

Then this is often the correct methodology for you. In this methodology, you only got to rename the file as a result of it refers jointly of the short resolution to Fix Mac Error Code 50.

Modify the current name and settle for the changes within the extension. Moreover, try and move or delete the file.

Method 4- Modify your Device for Power Setting

Here are the steps to modify your device for power setting:

  • Go to the system preferences.
  • Select “Energy Saver”
  • Tick the checkbox seems with the message “Put the exhausting disks on sleep mode once doable.”
  • Finally, click on the OK button. 

Method 5- Copy the File Exploitation Terminal

If you don’t wish to delete the file for good then you’ll be able to check this methodology out undoubtedly.

Steps to try and do this-

  • Type “mv” followed by a single area to open the folder.
  • Press “Shift + Ctrl + U” to open the terminal in a new window.
  • Drag the drop the problematic folder from the finder to the terminal window.
  • Hit the enter button to execute the command.

Method 6- Install and Run the Out-Computer Memory Unit Macintosh Repair

As we have the tendency to all recognize that their square measure sure tools in each trendy device to spice up the device. Within the exact same approach, there’s Associate in the nursing application for Mac to try and do constantly. This could be done by removing deleted unwanted files of sure location.

These square measures the strategies through that you’ll be able to get obviate Mac Error Code 50. I hope that these strategies have helped you to resolve the problems of Mac Error Code 50 and additionally, you need to have completed that partitioning the difficulty of is easy-peasy.

*** We hope that you have got your answer for – ‘How to Fix Mac Error Code 50’. So, here we will put an end to this blog.

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