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food for acne free skin

Acne is a common skin condition that affects nearly 10% of the world’s population. Many factors contribute to the development of acne conditions. This includes sebum and keratin production, acne-causing bacteria, hormones, blocked pores, and inflammation.

The link between diet and acne has always been controversial, but recent research shows that diet can play a significant role in acne development.

This article will review 6 Best Food for Acne Free Skin along with Foods to Avoid for Clear Skin and discuss why the quality of your diet is important.

6 Best Food for Acne Free Skin

Acne, blackheads, pimples, and bumps are all siblings. They all start when a greasy secretion from the skin’s sebaceous glands or oil glands clog the tiny openings for hair follicles. Everybody wants to get rid of it as soon as possible.

There are many ways to do that, such as using some medicines or creams marketed by Dermatology Pharmaceutical Companies, or by following a strict Acne Diet Plan.

To help you with this, here we have mentioned a list of Foods That Cure Acne:

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are phenomenal sources of vitamin A, a nutrient better known by its skincare moniker, retinol, and an even better treat for your skin.

Prescribed by dermatologists as the remedy for acne, retinol, a derivative of vitamin A revs up cell renewal to reveal a bright, scaleless new you. It also helps in controlling blood sugar and energy levels.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables such as beets, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, and spinach help to balance the body’s PH level. Thus, the more vegetables you incorporate into your diet, the clearer your skin and the healthier your body.


The vitamin E in almonds helps to guard your cells against free radicals. Pollution and harmful bacteria are examples of free radicals.

Combined with the natural sebaceous oils produced from your pores, the combination can result in pimples, blackheads, and even whiteheads.


Beetroot might stain your fingers, but the skin-clearing properties of beetroots are well worth the effort.

They are particularly high in vitamin A, as well as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin E, which is essential for epidermal health and healing.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are small, but they’re packed with full of valuable nutrients. Each kernel of pumpkin seed is high in vitamin E, zinc, and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, making them a good skin-clearing veggie.

Because of all these healthy properties, pumpkin seeds have been associated with several health benefits. These include improved heart health and protection against certain cancers.

Cottage cheese / Paneer

For a high-protein and skin-clearing boost, consider introducing cottage cheese into your diet. Try adding a few spoons to a jacket sweet potato and serving with broccoli and spinach for a seriously skin-nourishing meal.

So, this was all about Food for Acne Free Skin that you must follow consistently to get acne-free skin. You can generally see the result of this Diet for Clear Skin in A Week.

Although, if you can’t follow this Acne Diet Plan Pdf regularly you can always go for some external treatment by Dermatology Product Manufacturers in India, such as Acnerma side-by-side.

List of Foods That Cause Acne

Habits and daily diet can cause acne. Thus, to avoid acne, you should be careful when eating the following foods because they are considered as the worst Foods That Cause Pimples and Oily Skin along with acne.

These Hormonal Acne Diet to avoid include:

  • Refined grains and sugar, such as bread, cereal, pasta, white rice, etc
  • Dairy products
  • Fast food such as burgers, hot dogs, French fries, etc
  • Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids
  • Dark chocolate

However, it is probably not necessary to completely avoid all the foods that have been linked to acne. But rather consume them in balance with the other nutrient-dense foods discussed above.

Also, to know more about Food for Acne Free Skin or List of Foods That Cause Acne, you can refer to Acne Diet Plan Pdf available online to get a wider picture.

Acnerma | Best Acne Treatment Cream

Marketed by Aldan Healthcare, Top Dermatology Pharmaceutical Companies in India, Acnerma is the best gel cream for the treatment of acne condition.

 It helps in the management of mild to moderate acne vulgaris and is available at a very affordable price. 

Composition of Acnerma include:

  • Clindamycin Phosphate 1% w/w
  • Adapalene 0.1% w/w

How to Apply:

Use fingertips to apply a small amount of medication in a thin layer, usually once daily at bedtime, to be used for a period of 8-12 weeks.

Note: you must consult your doctor before using this product.

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