Forklift vs Telehandler: | Actual Difference between These Equipment

Forklift vs Telehandler

Well, are you also the one who doesn’t find any difference between telehandlers and forklifts??

Need to say this because on many construction sites it can be seen that people use both this equipment in place of each other.

Like we know that both of these help in moving loads. But they also have different capabilities and functions which people rarely know about.

Thus to make you smarter in your work and to save your time… we brought this blog discussing the points to distinguish Forklift vs Telehandler.

But before that get a short brief on both the equipment.

Forklift vs Telehandler: A Short Brief

Telehandler is a multi-purpose machine that lifts move loads from one place to another. The other name is the telescopic handler used in agriculture and construction industries. To operate this machine you need to undergo a telehandler training program! After which Telehandler Rental companies allow you to rent or buy it.

Now coming to Forklifts, it is also called a lift truck, a fork truck useful to move loads from one place to another at shorter distances. To operate this machine also you need to complete your Forklift Training program of 2-3 days…. after which you will be eligible to get a Forklift License.

And now we can start with our main points to guide you better on Telehandler vs Forklift!!

Better have a look!

#1. On the basis of versatility

Telehandlers can move loads forward, backward, and even side-to-side. But when it comes to forklifts they can move loads only in the vertical direction.

Though both can move loads telehandlers are more versatile than forklifts because they can do this task only by moving their boom.

#2. On the basis of size

Talking about the size of both the equipment we can say that telehandlers are bulkier in size when compared to forklifts.

Forklifts are ideal for working in narrow areas, aisles of warehouses. In fact, they are a better option for loading and unloading equipment from bigger trucks.

#3.On the basis of different capabilities

Well both the telehandler and forklift have varying capabilities. Like telehandlers often exceed the traditional limits set by forklifts.

Because of its larger body and apparatus telehandler are able to reach out to that extra distance which forklift cannot. But don’t forget that forklifts are effective in warehouses and factories with more control and reliability.

#4. On the basis of multiple arm attachments

This point goes to Telehandler as they have a boom that has a variety of attachments as per requirements.

Like they can also act as mini crane and can be attached with hook buckets to move loads at different sites. While forklifts only have forks for moving loads up and down. And they also have to move forward and backward to move loads at different spots.

#5. On the basis of the nature of activities

So telehandlers are the best option when it comes to construction and outdoor activities. They have the ability to use different attachments as per the designated task. This makes it all in one solution to many onsite construction projects.

While discussing forklifts we can see that people prefer this one more for indoor kinds of activities like factory settings, moving loads across shelves, sites, and so on.

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