6 Ways to Fix the Unresolved Issues caused by Mac Error Code 50

fix Mac Error Code 50

Looking for a solution on how to fix Mac Error Code 50?? Well, congratulations then… as regarding the very particular purpose, you are at the most appropriate platform… Here you will find proven working stepwise solution on how to fix Mac Error Code 50 and other related issues like: ‘mac error code -50 deleting file’ or ‘a message could not be sent error code 50 mac’ or ‘western digital error code ~50’…

Well before jumping directly onto the solution, it’s essential to understand what its actually, why it happens, its symptoms and yes of course then after its solution…So, here we go

What is Mac Error Code 50?                                                                    

Sometimes, while copying a file on your Mac device you may face an issue. In an attempt to move the file, you may encounter Mac error code 50 or western digital error code ~50. These are the most common issues in the Mac error codes list.

There is much reason one may face these errors in their devices. Usually, while moving files from an external device, you will see this error. The system gets stuck in a file that is not manageable.

If you are stuck with error code 50, you are in the right place. This article will help you know more about error code 50. We will discuss the causes of this error and the solutions.

Causes of Mac Error Code 50

There are can be several reasons for this error. It may a lot of times show “the operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code 50)”/ “a message could not be (sent error code 50 Mac)”.  Here we have discussed some of the reasons resulting in error 50.

File Stuck in a Limbo State

The most common cause of error code 50 is the limbo state. A temporary file may cause a glitch in the system. This is because of the dependency of the folder on the system.

So guys, do not panic or worry because of this. You can resolve this issue by rebooting the system.

Rebooting will clear the temporary folder. Thus, resolving the issue.

OS Firmware Issue

Many a time you may face a consistent glitch in your system. In such cases, the standard procedure might not help resolve the issue.

A power supply approach will be perfect for such a case. Moreover, it will clear any temporary folder in the system.

Corrupt Files

sometimes, the folder you want to transfer might be corrupt. So, this will lead to a problem in the drive, therefore, causing error code 50.

File type

the external file may be formatted in NTFS. This file type is not supported by OS. Therefore, this can cause error code 50.

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Symptoms of Mac Error Code 50

  • Poor functioning of the system
  • Unable to sync or share files
  • unreasonable corrupt files occurrence
  • Error messages

Although there are many symptoms and causes, you can also fix Mac error code 50. If you are curious enough to know the different ways to solve, then come along with me and read the latter post.

Fix Mac Error Code 50

If you are looking to fix Mac error code 50 you are at the ideal place. This blog will now discuss how to fix error code 50. Hence, a few solutions to your problems are discussed below.

Disk Utility

Improper working of the disk can lead to western digital error code~50.

To solve this issue, you have to check formatting by using disk utility. Start with selecting volume in Disk Utility’s sidebar. Then, click on Verify under the First Aid tab. Next, use the repair button to fix the error.

Un-Mount & Then Re-Mount

Eject your drive and then plug it again after rebooting.

Rename your file

You can try giving a general name to the file. Trying to rename the file is a quick solution. Do not use any special characters while renaming the file.

Using the terminal part to manage file

For repairing, Mac error code 50 Deleting a file is also an option. In order, the delete files using the terminal follow the steps below

  1. Firstly type ‘rm-f’ followed by a space.
  2. Secondly, move the file to the terminal and press enter
  3. Now if you still cannot delete the file because of permission issues run ‘sudo’ command.
  4. To run sudo type ‘sudo’ followed by space and 2 exclamations.
  5. This will fix your ‘Sudo’ issue and run the prior command.
  6. Now enter the password.
  7. Now type ‘mv’ followed by a space. Now try fixing all files using the terminal.
  8. Lastly, drag the destination folder to the terminal window. Press enter and this will run the command.

Update your System

Install the available updates. Often not updating the software results in such issues.

Cache and Junk Files

Clean cache and junk files regularly. These might corrupt the files. Thus, it leads to the unsmooth operation of the system.

Therefore, these general ways to fix Mac error code 50 have been found very much efficient and effective to use.

Have heard people querying about Error Code 50 iTunes also. So, have dealt with that too here…

Error Code 50 iTunes

Sometimes, while purchasing or downloading using iTunes might show this error. It is mainly because of network issues. Antivirus protection and firewall settings might also lead to error 50. Nevertheless, there are a few ways to fix this too. Solutions are-

  • Check whether your antivirus is not blocking iTunes. To check this, go to firewall program settings. See whether the following domains are given permission
  1. apple.com
  2. itunes.apple.com
  3. apple.com
  4. apple.com
  • Try reinstalling iTunes. Go to ‘start’ and under the control panel click ‘uninstall a program’. Now remove iTunes, Bonjour, MobileMe. Now restart your computer and install the latest versions of iTunes.
  • Download a registry cleaner. Now clean your registry. Many times due to windows settings, Error 50 occurs in iTunes.

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I hope this blog was helpful to you. These methods will help you to fix Mac error code 50 or fix issues like: mac error code -50 deleting file or a message could not be sent error code 50 mac. However, it is advised to maintain and update your PC regularly to avoid any such error at all.

Nevertheless, for any more queries, do leave a message in the comment box below.

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