How To Fix Mac Error Code 8060

Apple devices are popular among everyone because of its quality and features. But these devices can also throw some errors or codes unexpectedly. If you are a Mac user and facing Mac error code 8060. Then this article will be your guide for ‘How to Fix Mac Error Code 8060?’

This error can also make it hard for you to access hard disc files or other applications.

But before jumping on the solution, first, let’s see what Mac error code 8060 is and why it happens?

What is Mac error code 8060?

Mac error code 8060 is an error that informs you about the missing of an original file from an Alias file and this is known as an alias error. If you are not aware about an alias file then continue reading to know about it.

An alias file is a pointer file in Mac OS X that provides you quick access to the most often used folders and applications. On double-clicking an alias, it opens the required file in the references.

Moreover, you encounter this error with a message denoting that the operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code). This will usually occur while creating an alias for locating a required folder.

But don’t worry about ‘how to fix mac error code 8060‘. We have covered this section in detail in this article.

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But the cause of this error matters before you fix it.

Causes of Mac error 8060

There are several causes that give rise to this error like:

  • Virus or malware that enters in mac devices while installing any application which can affect the file system of your device.
  • Clearing the trash without checking it can wipe out your data too.
  • A corrupted header will not open the requested file. Hence, throwing error 8060.
  • Termination of system files.
  • Wrong formatting or pressing a wrong key can also cause this error.
  • File sharing on unsupported platforms.
  • Interruption in the reading or writing process.
  • Catalog File Node Corruption.
  • While making changes in the BIOS area.
  • Kernel related issues.
  • The problem with the boot sector won’t allow you to access the stored files.
  • Problems with hardware or software can also cause this error.
  • While installing unnecessary applications.

Now, you can spot the error with symptoms.

How to Spot Error 8060 on Mac?

This error will show up as the operation cannot be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code 8060)

It can be detected by noticing the symptoms mentioned below:

  • Slow functioning of the system.
  • Installed programs got frequently blocked.
  • The system stops automatically after a few minutes.
  • Corruption in the stored file without any warning.
  • The occurrence of error messages like:

“unable to find the .dmg file”

“file not found”

“denied access”

If any of these symptoms is spotted on your device then this results in unexpected error code mac.

Now the only thing that is left is ‘how to fix mac error code 8060?’

Solutions on How To Fix Mac Error Code 8060

Follow any of the below methods to fix this error:

Method 1 

  • Open source folder and enable the display options.
  • Select the display of the list.
  • Click on the alias files and select Show original tab.
  • If a corrupted alias file is displayed, follow the instructions by mac.
  • Restart and start copying files.

Method 2

  • Make alias of a missing directory.
  • Check whether any directory is deleted. If yes, then create it along with an alias.
  • Drag alias to the sidebar to fix the issue.

Method 3

  • Place a file in the problematic folder so that the dialog box displays an error.
  • Choose an alias in the dialog box and a new window of corrupted files will open up.
  • Now, delete the corrupted files and restart the device.
  • Open the command option and drag the files to the home screen whilst creating an alias.

These solutions will help you out on how to fix Mac error code 8060.

However, if any query still persisting, kindly feel free to ask in the comment section below…

Thanks for reading!!

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