How to Fix Outlook AutoArchive Not Working? [AutoArchive Outlook 365]

How to fix outlook autoarchive not working

Outlook AutoArtive is a feature that helps in reducing the size of the mailbox, & also lowers the risk of corruption. But, a lot of users face the problem of AutoArchive not working, so, this blog post is all about How to fix outlook AutoArchive not working?

So, let’s move forward and understand, what are some of the finest manual methods to fix the problem of AutoArchive not showing in outlook 365.

Microsoft Outlook offers the feature of AutoArchive that helps in creating the backups of your mailbox data.

Moreover, AutoArchive moves the mails from the current folders to the archive.

But, in some situations, you’ll find that the office 365 archive not working, so before knowing How to fix outlook AutoArchive not working? There is a need to understand why the problem occurs.

What Are The Possible Reasons For AutoArchive Outlook 365?

There are some reasons that can create the problem, however, knowing the reasons would help you better fix the problems.

Some of the main causes of the outlook 2010 archive not working are:

  • When the aarchiev.PST file gets corrupted, then it can cause a problem for Outlook to archive that file.
  • If there is no space in the archive, and it has got full, then Outlook would not be able to store more data in it.
  • When the mailbox gets full, then you won’t be able to archive the files.

So, in these cases, try deleting some files & folders, or else make a new file.

How to fix outlook AutoArchive not working?

By knowing the reasons, it’s easier to fix the problem of the outlook 2010 archive not working, outlook 2013 archive not working, & many more.

So, follow the following methods to fix outlook AutoArchive missing problems.

Methods To Fix Office 365 Archive Not Working Are:

  • Check the setting of the archive as follows:

For Outlook 2007


For Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016

Files>Options>Advance>AutoArchive settings

  • Repair the Outlook PST files with an inbox repair tool, if suffering from the problem of corrupted archive.PST.

Moving On, if you are unable to archive emails in outlook, then there are other methods too, to fix your problem.

Likewise, with these methods, you will be knowing How to fix outlook AutoArchive not working properly.

Comprehensive Ways to Fix Office 365 Archive Not Working:

  • If you want to share the PST files stored on the network share, you won’t be able to do it. Microsoft will not allow it, so try to change the location of your Outlook to a local folder.
  • If you are finding some issues like outlook AutoArchive permanently delete not working, then the function should be disabled by admin. So, contact the administrator ASAP.

What to Do When AutoArchive Outlook 365 Gets Damaged?

If your archive files have minor issues, then the manual methods would work.

But, if your file is severely corrupted, then it will be very hectic to go for manual methods.

So, in that case, try going for an Outlook repair Software and the best Software is Stellar Repair for Outlook.

About Stellar Repair for Outlook

The Stellar Repair for Outlook is highly programmed DIY Software that easily repairs corrupted & damaged PST files in a go.

Moreover, the Software restores the PST files of any size & along with that, restores contacts, calendars, and other mailbox items.

  • Restores Corrupted emails & attachments.
  • Displays the preview of repaired files before saving them.
  • Provides quick and fast recovery.
  • After repairing the files, saves them in different formats like HTML, RTF, PDF, etc.

The Conclusion

Repairing Outlook files with manual methods needs efforts, then you would be able to fix the problem.

While with Stellar, you can fix your AutoArchive files without any extra effort.

Moreover, these were the solution on How to fix outlook AutoArchive not working, now, if you have any further queries, just ask them in the comment section below.

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