How To Fix Unfortunately Camera Has Stopped Error In Android?

how to fix unfortunately camera has stopped error in android

If your android phone keeps stopping and also showing errors, hence, it’s one of the most common errors occurring in any android phone, so to knob these situations, go through this blog that tells you the perfect method on how to fix unfortunately camera has stopped error in android.

Moreover, there are lots of queries rises from customers like camera keeps stopping android, back camera not working android studio, don’t you worry going through the below-mentioned methods is surely going to fix your problem.

Why the Camera Keeps Stopping Android?

There can be a variety of causes for this error like a hardware malfunction or software conflict, sometimes using the mobile flashlight can create problems for Samsung users causing the error like the Samsung camera keeps stopping.  

The Main Causes of Camera Keeps Stopping Android Studio Are:

  • Limited storage in the phone
  • Unfinished android update
  • Bug or virus in mobile phone
  • Third-party apps installed on the phone

So, these were the causes, but you don’t have to worry, as, in the next few line, we are going to give you perfect solutions on how to fix unfortunately camera has stopped error in android.

But, before that, if you don’t have that much time and want to go for a quick and easy method, then you can go for the most acquired technical Software i.e., Stellar Repair For Photo  & Video.

However, Being an Android user, you must be encountering some serious issues like:

  • Unfortunately, Camera Has Stopped – Sony Xperia
  • Lenovo tablet camera has stopped
  • Unfortunately, Camera Has Stopped Lenovo

So, to brawl these somber issues, follow the methods described by us below.

How To Fix Unfortunately Camera Has Stopped Error In Android?

There are different kinds of methods that fix the problem of the back camera not working android, or the camera has stopped.

Moreover, looking at the methods, you choose the one which is suitable for you and fix your issue.

5 Best Methods that Tells How to Fix Camera Error on Android?

  1. Restart the Camera application of the phone
  2. Restart the Android device to fix the glitch
  3. Update your software timely to get away with the bugs, follow the steps.
  • Go to the Settings of Android Phone
  • click on About
  • After that, click on a software update to update the phone
  1. Clear the cache files of the camera through the apps manager on your phone
  2. Always open the camera in the safe mode that doesn’t allow the intervene of any third-party apps

So, these were the 5 easiest methods that tell you how to fix camera error on android.

Now, moving ahead apart from the manual methods and without wasting your time you can also go for Stellar Repair for Video that fixes your problem in no time.

Stellar Repair for Video

The Stellar Repair for Video is a complete solution for android users facing the issue of camera error.

Moreover, the Software fixes the problem of corrupted files and also gives the solution for your question how to fix unfortunately camera has stopped error in android.

Along with this, the Software supports all the storage media like SD cards, USB drives, HDDs, and also recovers the videos from this storage.

Apart from that, the tool comes in both Paid & Free versions, so with the free version, you can preview the videos you have to fix.

Although, to save the video you need to go for the licensed version that means you have to purchase the Software.

Stellar Repair for Photo

Talking about the videos, pictures are also important, so to fix them here is the best software available i.e., Stellar Repair for Photo.

Furthermore, the software easily repairs corrupted images and also fixes the problem of pixelated images.

On top of that, the Software restores the corrupted header and image files by making them clear and apparent.

Alike the Stellar Repair for Video, this Software also comes in the paid and free version.

Altogether, the Stellar Repair for Photo repairs the uncompressed RAW images files and also recuperates the JPEF/ PG photos from all variants of files.

Moreover, the tool extracts the thumbnail of severely corrupted files and replenish the issues of bug and viruses on the android phone.

Wrapping Up

Facing the error of camera is very hectic and one should take quick actions to replenish these errors.

So, if you want to get away with the issue, follow the above methods or go for Stellar Repair for Video for quick recuperation.

Okay, now we sump up our blog “ how to fix unfortunately camera has stopped error in android” hope you found the above methods informative.

However, if any queries persisting, tell us in the comment section below.

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