How to Unlock Disabled iPhone with iTunes?

How to Unlock Disabled iPhone using A Computer

Are you struggling with the issue of disabled iPhones & finding solutions for How to Unlock Disabled iPhone Using a Computer.

Well, we have a solution for you; you don’t have to get panic about iPhone disabled bypass.

So, let’s get ahead, & understand how to unlock disabled iPhone with iTunes & computer.

How To Unlock Disabled iPhone With iTunes?

If you think you can simply start the computer, then you are in a big misunderstanding.

Though, you can follow the below process ….

Reset Disabled iPhone Using iTunes

  • Connect your iPhone to a PC/Mac trusted by your device. After that, open iTunes.

Note: After opening iTunes, if you are prompted to enter the password, go to the recovery mode option.

  • Please wait a moment to sync iTunes with your device.
  • After the backup and synchronization are complete,
  • click Restore <your device>
  • When you enter the iPhone settings screen, restore from the iTunes backup.
  • Select your device in iTunes, and then select the appropriate backup.

We have considered, click Restore Now, if you are prompted to enter a password in the above method, you need to select the recovery mode option.

How to Unlock Disabled iPhone Using a Computer?

The other way to unlock a disabled iPhone with a computer or iTunes is recovery mode.

Follow the Steps to Unlock With Recovery Mode

  • Connect the disabled iPhone to the Mac/PC.
  • Then open iTunes on the PC.
  • Restart the iPhone after connecting, press one of the volume buttons and the slider button until you see the shutdown slider on the screen.
  • To connect your iPhone to the computer, press and hold the side button until you see the recovery mode option.
  • After that, click Restore.
  • Now, set up the iPhone, activate it, and create a new passcode.

Well, this was about How to Unlock Disabled iPhone Using a Computer, what if you want to know how to unlock disabled iPhone without computer or how to unlock disabled iphone without iTunes.

We have the methods for that as well….

Let’s move ahead, and get to understand iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes how to unlock without computer.

How To Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer?

There are many other ways to unlock your disabled iPhone without the use of a computer or iTunes.

The 1st one is the Find My Phone Feature…so, let’s have a look to find the solution for how to unlock disabled iPhone without iTunes

Steps to Use Find My Phone to Unlock iPhone

  1. On another iPhone you own, open the App Store and download and install the “Find My iPhone” application on it. It is available for free on the official App Store.
  2. Log in to your iCloud account in the app to start using the “Find My iPhone” feature.
  3. After logging in, you can see all Apple devices using the same iCloud account. Tap your disabled iPhone in the list.
  4. On the next screen, tap Actions at the bottom of the screen.
  5. You will find three available options. Click the last one that says erase iPhone. Tap Erase iPhone Tap Erase iPhone
  6. Your disabled iPhone/iPad will be deleted, and the passcode will also be deleted from your device.

Then you can set up the device from scratch and click Restore from iCloud Backup to restore the iCloud backup to your device.

How to Unlock Disabled iPhone Without Losing Data?

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It’s one of the handiest & easy to use Software that easily restores messages, contacts, photos, videos, etc.

Moreover, the Software works in any situation like jailbreak, system crash, or any other loss scenario.

So, while going with the above methods, if you ever come across the issue of losing data, just go for Tenorshare Ultdata iPhone Data Recovery Software.

The Conclusion

It’s very stressful when the iPhone gets disabled, & it’s also not easy to get it unlocked.

Well, we have given the solutions for How to Unlock Disabled iPhone Using a Computer.

Hope this article helps…nonetheless if you feel any issues, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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