Simple and Easy Methods to Fix iPhone Error 4013

iPhone error 4013

When you try to upgrade your iPhone or iPad, you receive an error and that error is iPhone Error 4013.

Moreover, this error usually encounters your device due to a bad internet connection, insufficient storage, or maybe a defective USB cable.

In the same manner, a pop-up message will appear on your device “the iPhone could not be restored an unknown error occurred (9)”.

Now, after this message, your mind will get stuck and you won’t be able to understand how to solve the issue.

But, don’t you worry dear; we are here with the best solutions to fix the iPhone & iPad pro 10.5 error 4013.

Have an eye to some of the methods to deal with the issue

Fix iPhone Error 4013 With Simple Methods:

  • Try to restart the iPhone or iPad to restore the issue.
  • Update your iTunes on Mac & Windows, Go to Appstore then click on updates if available.
  • Update your PC if the update is available for it.
  • Back up your iPhone data and then opt for a factory reset.
  • Reset your iPhone by going to Settings>General>Reset>Reset all things.

Moreover, we get complaints from users facing the iPhone error 4013 after water damage, but you can surely fix the error by the methods provided by us.

iPhone 7 Error 4013 Solution

Users with iPhone 7 usually face the error, hence to solve the issue you can check the power supply of NAND flashes, and baseband PMU.

Moreover, you can also try n replace the old baseband PMU with the new one.

Forthwith, this can be one of the best iPhone 7 error 4013 solution.

Error 4013 iPhone 5s

Follow the simple methods below to fix the error of the iPhone 5s.

Try to Eradicate the  Logic Board from your Phone

  • Look around the connectors of the logic board
  • Examine the board and check whether there is any harm
  • Place your board in 90% alcohol, and then soak it for few hours
  • After that brush the corrosion with the toothbrush
  • Now, rinse with alcohol and then again repeat the process
  • Put it for air drying and after that set everything back

Error 4013 iPhone 6 Plus 

The error can occur due to 5to various reasons in iPhone 6 and 6 plus.

Look at These Informative Methods to Fix the Error

  • Try to use a different cable, maybe an Apple lightning cable.
  • Use different USB ports.
  • Clean the lightning port with the pick, maybe a clog would be preventing a good connection.
  • Use a different charging port, because sometimes it needs to be replaced.

Moreover, if you have done all the methods but still couldn’t fix the error, then there must be a motherboard problem.

So, you should try replacing the old motherboard with the new one, although, you can also search some other methods by searching iPhone 6 error 4013 solution gsm.

Stellar iPhone Data Recovery Software

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Along with this, the software can recover all the information from iTunes, and iCloud backups.

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The Conclusion

The iPhone Error 4013 is very hectic and one should always opt for the perfect methods.

However, manual methods are time-taking so, if you don’t have that much time, then considers going for Stellar iPhone Data Recovery Software

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