Trina vs Jinko Solar – Which One Is The Best Solar Panel Manufacturers?

Jinko vs Trina

Jinko vs Trina solar – Which one is better?

How often you find yourself in a dilemma when you have to choose between these top two solar panels available in the market.

Investing in an efficient solar panel module is one of the best investments in Australia for people paying high energy bills.

However, getting the right solar panel is really a tricky task. Actually, not all solar panels are similar.

In fact, company history, reputation, product quality, performance warranties, efficiency, durability all matter.

Two of the best solar panels that fall in this category are Trina and Jinka solar panels.

So, in this blog, we are going to cover Trina vs Jinko solar panels. This will help you immensely for future investment.

So, let’s start the Jinko Vs Trina battle.

Comparing Jinko Vs Trina Solar Panels

Trina Solar Panels

It is one of the foremost solar panel companies, based in China. The company happens to be the world’s biggest and low-cost PV manufacturer. Trina Solar was established in 1997.

Trina solar includes panels for residential, commercial, and large utility-scale projects. Installing Trina solar panels is the most common for Aussies looking for quality under budget.

Moreover, all Trina panels are corrosion resistant and provide excellent efficiency even in low-light conditions.

In fact, Trina solar panels are a leader in environmental and social aspects and payback in the long-run.

Jinko Solar Panels

 Jinko solar is another china based company making modules, cells, and wafers. They are good low-cost options with excellent efficiency.

Moreover, the panels can perform with equal efficiency even under low-light environments. The company has a wide customer base in more than 10 countries and Australia is one of them.

In fact, the panels are suitable for installation in any location with corrosion resistance.

Comparing Jinko Vs Trina Solar Panels: What Is The Difference?

#1: Technology

The Jinko manufacturers have utilized nanotechnology-based silicon ink and processing platforms in solar panel production.

Moreover, the advanced glass technology allows them to perform with equal efficiency under harsh climate.

Trina has a greater service offering due to its installers, distributors, and developing units across the world.

Actually, it has tapped into numerous cell technologies like monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and advanced bifacial models.

#2: Top PV Module Manufacturer

How the ranking is important?

Ranking indicates that a company or brand has devoted large amounts of resources that will meet its demand and are simultaneously expanding its market globally.

Jinko and Trina solar has got 1st and 3rd rank in the top PV module manufacturer list. As per EuPD research Jinko solar is the ‘Top Brand PV 2019’ for the second consecutive year in Australia.

Many Jinko solar panel review has appreciated Jinko solar for its exceptional products and service quality.

#3: Tier 1 Brand

Actually Tier 1 Brand will tell you that the company will be in the market for more years.

Even they will ensure the promise made in terms of product and performance warranty. Both Jinko and Trina offer Tier 1 brands.

#4: Product Warranty

Product Warranty gives you the assurance that your service and support needs will be covered if a solar panel problem ever occurs.

Jinko has extended its product warranty for up to 12 years. The company is continuously extending efforts to increase the market’s confidence in its solar panel.

However, Trina solar modules have a 10 years product warranty and 25 years of linear power warranty.

#5: Performance Warranty

The efficiency of a solar panel declines slightly every year. However, they must not lose over 10%-20% of their capacity yield limit over the first 25 years.

In the case of Jinko and Trina, the performance warranty covers up to 25 years.

This means that the panels will perform well for many years and won’t face a major difference in their efficiency.

#6: Efficiency

One of the most common questions you often ask is the efficiency of the solar panel you are buying.

Jinko solar offers the highest efficiency of 24.2% and this is achieved by its large-area N-type TopCon monocrystalline silicon solar cell. However, if we compare Trina solar panels to Jinko the efficiency differs slightly. Trina solar highest efficiency is 19%.

So, it is quite clear now as we have shared every detail of both Jinko and Trina.

At this stage, one question must be rising in your mind, is Trina solar a good brand?

Is Trina Solar A Good Brand?

In one word we can say yes. 

Always remember, choose the PV brand after checking into all the technical insights.

Also, the most efficient panels aren’t always the best deal for you. on all front, Trina solar panels will fulfill your requirement.

After going through so many positive Trina Solar Panel reviews we assure you that investment in Trina solar panels is a good and sustainable deal for the long-run.

Finally, if you are eying any of these two brands mentioned above, it will be a great deal.

These manufacturers have a good network of suppliers throughout Australia.

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