LG Solar Panels vs Trina Solar Panels – What’s the Difference?

LG vs Trina Solar

Choosing a solar panel is a big responsibility on your part if you do want to make a wise long-term investment.

However, there are many choices and opting for the best among them is not at all an easy decision.

However, one thing is for sure, you do need to make your selection among the top branded solar products.

With the advancement in solar technology, there are a number of solar panel brands that offer amazing quality assurance along with reliability.

Thus, to narrow down your choices of the Best Solar Panels NSW, we’re going to be comparing the top two tier-1 solar brands. LG and Trina Solar Panels have long been recognized as well-established trustworthy names in the Australian market.

However, here we’re going to be comparing LG vs Trina Solar Panels to help you pick between them.

LG Solar Panels vs Trina Solar Panels – Which One Is Better?

Well, it’s really tough to rank both these solar panel brands in terms of superiority. More often than not, the choice of solar panels depends on a case-by-case basis.

Each solar shopper has their own expectations when it comes to warranty, pricing, and wattage of panels.

Thus, we suggest having a look at the technical specifications and pricing to make your final selection.

Below, we’ve laid down the key features of LG and Trina solar panels to make things easier for you.

#1. LG Solar Panels

LG had already established itself as a reliable name long before its PV panels hit the market.

Many LG Solar Panels Review notes how premium-priced its panels are. But the interesting thing is people still choose to install LG Solar Panels.

The foremost reason for this is the company’s dependable and consistent customer support. So, even when you encounter technical issues, later on, you know LG will be there to assist you through it.

Moreover, its attractive warranty support makes LG solar panels an obvious choice for people who look for longevity.

Panels tend to degrade over time but LG guarantees 90% performance even after 25 years of the standard warranty.

Very few of the brands currently available in the market assures you with such a performance rating. Thus, what you’re getting here is a durable and robust solar solution in exchange for an above-average LG Solar Panels Price.

Why Choose LG Solar Panels?

  • Positive Tolerance rating of 0/+3%
  • Multi Anti-reflective Coatings to increase energy output
  • Panels with additional certifications for Ammonia Resistance and PID Resistance
  • Up to 22% efficient solar panels

Now, in order to have an honest comparison of LG vs Trina Solar Panels, we also need to evaluate the value of Trina as a solar panel brand.

#2. Trina Solar Panels

For those of you who don’t want to invest hugely in a Tier-1 solar panel brand, Trina is the perfect pick.

While Trina is likely less reliable in comparison to LG, it still is a good choice at a competitive price.

Moreover, on the basis of many Trina Solar Panels Review, its honey solar panels introduced in 2012 is quite popular in the market.

Many believe it to be the perfect combination of cost-effectiveness and cutting-edge technology.

Trina also happens to carry a 10-year warranty on its PV panels, which is the standard in the industry.

Now, we want to mention that there are many other options with a product warranty of up to 25 years. However, these are going to cost you much more than what Trina would cost you.

Thus, we suggest people who are budget-conscious to consider Trina Solar Panels Sydney among Tier-1 brands.

Why Choose Trina Solar Panels?

  • Energy efficiency of up to 19.9%
  • Among the top performers in the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC) Solar Scorecard sustainability ranking
  • Corrosion Resistant solar panels
  • Excellent performance in low-light conditions

So, which one should you choose in LG vs Trina Solar Panels?

Get in Touch with Solar Beam for Assistance!!

If you’re this far in the blog, you probably have some idea about which solar panel brand will be a better fit for you.

Solar Beam suggests setting out with clear expectations and our solar experts will take it from there. We will help you evaluate your options considering your budget and energy requirements.

Furthermore, we are here whenever you need us even after installations. We’ll address any technical or service issues within 48 hours of your complaint.

Our complete range of solar panels is sourced directly from the manufacturers because we want to offer you the utmost quality.

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