NSA Director Expect Ransomware Attacks For Next Five Years

NSA Director Expect Ransomware Attacks For Next Five Years

 “The United States will face ransomware attacks in the next five years,” the NSA Director General M. Nakosene said at a recent conference in Washington, D.C.

Moreover, there is a lot to tell about this topic…as he had a long discussion at the Mandient Cyber Defense Summit.

Now, let’s move on & understand in brief about the Ransomware & NSA.

When Was the NSA Founded?

NSA also stands for National Security Agency … it was founded on November 4, 1952.

In addition, the NSA is responsible for the global detection and processing of information for domestic and international intelligence activities.

However, it is headquartered in Fort Meade, Maryland.

There was more talk about it between the time and the end of the Cold War … it became the most prominent of American intelligence.

In addition, the NSA is currently collecting data around the world and is said to be behind dangerous data threats such as Stuxnet, which have seriously damaged Iran’s nuclear program. The NSA, not the CIA or DIA, maintains a physical presence around the world.

As you know about the NSA director, the CIA director is William J. Burns.

NSA Director Expect Ransomware Attacks for Next Five Years

As we’ve already commented … General Paul M. Nakasone .the director of N .. Predicts the next five years for a ransomware attack on Tuesday.

But in a conversation at the Mandiant Cyber ​​Defense Summit on Tuesday General Paul M. Nakasone , the director of national intelligence ….also said that we are always engaged, and that we are always engaged, that is, the variety that you can easily offer. He said he has the knowledge and unique abilities.

In addition, there are some issues that can be helped by national security advisor on these issues. In addition, Mandient CEO Kevin Mandia, who is responding to these malware and ransomware attacks, said Nakosene “maintains his uniform.”

Ransomeware Attacks in Next Five Years

“There is a great deal of interest from countries around the world participating in these issues and we are discussing how we can work together to build more valuable and lasting partnerships. It’s a difficult problem, “said Newberger.

Asked by Mandia if he thinks the United States will be affected by ransomware every day for five years, Neuberger said he had no “hope.”

Nakasone was pessimistic about the future of the ransomware attack, but a year after struggling with the attack, he expressed optimism about the public interest in cybersecurity and the talent pool that works for the government. Paddy field. “I think our country recognizes the importance of our economy, our intelligence, and cybersecurity for our defense,” said Nakasone. “I feel very good about the future and I feel very good about where we are heading.”

Well, this concludes the discussion of the threats the United States faces and the threats it will face in the future … Now we are going to experience the problems that fascinate us as individuals.

However, the problem is nothing more than data threats and ransomware.

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Now, we end up the article….” NSA director expect ransomware attacks for next five years”…hope you found this news informative.

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