For All Types of Psoriasis and Their Treatment – NYGELIS is Best

Types of Psoriasis and treatment to them

Psoriasis is a distressing, relapsing dermatological disease with a particular curative topical or systemic treatment. It affects 1% to 3% of the world’s population. Although people quote it as a benign disorder, it has a severe effect on the quality of life. Various drug regimens are used with several benefits such steroids which are effective and rapidly clearing skin lesions but distressing side effects and relapse of the disorder is inevitable. Other treatments of different types of Psoriasis and treatment to them are either expensive or having even more severe side effects such as hydroxyurea, retinoids, methotrexate, and infliximab.

Generally, investigating safe compounds for psoriasis treatments is tempting. Nigella sativa (NS) has been shown in many published studies as an effective agent in the treatment of various dermatological diseases such as different psoriasis types, eczema or atopic dermatitis. However, it can be anticipated that (NS) is effective in various skin conditions. Since, it has antibacterial, immune modulation, antioxidant, and antihistaminic effects, in addition, to its anti-tumor, cell cycle regulatory activity, and apoptosis induction activity. Many different study even quoted it most effective Psoriasis treatment in India.

This concept is even published in numerous authentic journals. Let’s move on to the product that contains Nigella Sativa Extract to treat Psoriasis.

Best Psoriasis Cream

You may see numerous Dermatology Product Manufacturers in India, may be you have tried their products. Ya! That is not much effective and contains some side-effects. Generally, psoriasis causes cells to build up rapidly on the surface of the skin.You should go for Nigella Sativa extract. It’s not just a treatment, it’s a miracle treatment.

Here is some core points of published journals Evaluation of efficacy, safety and antioxidant effect of Nigella sativa in patients with psoriasis: A randomized clinical trial you should go through it –

In their research they tried Nigella Sativa Extract on sixty patients with a methodology given below.

Methodology – Types of Psoriasis and treatment to them were analysed for the study. Twenty patients (group 1) were treated with (10% w/w) ointment of Nigella Sativa. Group 2 of 20 patients with crude powder of (NS), 500mg capsule t.d.s. group 3 of 20 patients with the combination of ointment and capsule of (NS).PASI score plays the role for clinical evaluation of impact, with serum malondialdehyde (MDA) as an indicator of oxidative status.

Now come to the result – Is it really a Best Psoriasis Cream?

Is it Really a Best Psoriasis Cream for Various Psoriasis Types Like Pustular Psoriasis and Guttate Psoriasis?

Before going to the final judgement on Best Psoriasis Cream for different types of Psoriasis and treatment to them, let’s go through the result of research on sixty patients.

Result – (NS) ointment achieved complete cure of psoriatic lesions, excellent and amazing response in 65% of patients, with a relapse rate of 31% four weeks after cessation of treatment. Oral doses of (NS) produced good response in just 50% of patients, with a relapse rate of 50% noticed four weeks after treatment cessation. The combination of (NS) ointment and oral doses achieved complete cure of lesions, excellent and amazing responses in 85% of patients, with a relapse rate of 18%. (NS) emerged as well tolerated with no side effects, observed during and after the treatment.

Let’s go through the treatment if you see psoriasis symptoms.

NYGELIS – Best Psoriasis Treatment in India

Aldan Healthcare named as best Derma Pharma Company in India came up with miracle cream NYGELIS to treat Psoriasis.

So, you know the cream and capsule together is amazing for treatment. NYGELIS is available as both cream and capsule.

Let’s go through the recommendation of manufacturer (best amongst all Dermatology Pharmaceutical Companies) to use NYGELIS.

How to Use NYGELIS

NYGELIS Capsule (Nigella Sativa Extract 500mg) – One capsule thrice a day.

NYGELIS Gel Cream (Nigella Sativa Extract 10%) – Apply a coating to the affected area twice a day.

Otherwise as prescribed by a doctor.

But, if you want a fast cure then use both as it found best in research.


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