Best Residential Solar Panel Installation in 2020 [Top Picks]

Residential Solar Panels

What are some of the Best Residential Solar Systems to buy in 2020?

With the beginning of this New Year, environmentally conscious buyers are looking forward to making solar a part of their lifestyle. And opting for the best solar system is indispensable for achieving that.

Solar Beam is your top destination in Australia for all kinds of solar energy solutions.

We strive to offer the best in solar with our huge range of energy products including panels, inverters, and battery systems. Our certified installers are well-equipped to assist you in choosing the solar system that fits your needs.

So, which solar system should you buy?

You need to have a good idea about the specifics of these systems before opting for a solar installation in your home. While not everyone is a solar expert, reading this blog should give you a good idea about choosing the best system for home installation.

Let’s see how you can go about the process of becoming a solar user and pick the best energy system.

What Are Some Best Residential Solar Systems For Your Home In 2020?

Theoretically speaking, there are a number of systems available for you to choose from. But only a few of them offer the best cost-benefit ratio to you. Read on to know about the top three Best Residential Solar Systems you can buy without making a hole in your pocket.

#1. 10kw Solar System

Are you the owner of a big household tired with high electricity bills?

A 10kw solar system can be just the solution for you. This system choice is the most common pick among those who have high energy needs and want a high ROI on their investment.

Further, 10kw Solar Panels offer the best value-for-money energy solution when you opt for a packaged solution. A solar package offers a complete solution by combining PV panels and a high-quality inverter in a single set.

How much should you pay for such a package? Well, our 10kw Solar System Package is priced at just $7,740.

Advantages Of Installing A 10kw Solar System:

  • 40*250W highly efficient solar panels
  • A branded 10kw inverter
  • The energy output of 29-46 kWh per day
  • Long-term savings of 22-30 cents per kWh
  • Perfect for large homes and small businesses as well

#2. 6.6kw Solar System

Well, a 6.6kw Solar System NSW is already the most inquired about the PV system in Australia. What makes it so desirable is its high energy conversion efficiency.

According to stats, an average Australian uses just 920kWh monthly. As 6.6kw Solar Panels is built to meet the energy requirements of a large domicile, you can expect great savings if you have a smaller or medium-sized home.

Additionally, due to the huge demand in the Australian market, we offer different 6.6kw Solar System Package options:

  • $2599 for 6.6kW with Kstar Inverter
  • $3800 for 6.6kW with Fronius Inverter

Advantages Of Installing A 6.6kw Solar System:

  • 24*275W solar panels
  • 6kw Solar inverter from tier-1 manufacturer
  • Quick payback period of 3 to 5 years
  • Per day power output capacity of 20-27kWh
  • A cost-effective option for business establishments

#3. 5kw Solar System

This one may seem inadequate for meeting your household’s energy needs at first sight. But the truth is the system is one of the most common choices for average-sized homeowners.

5kw Solar Panels prove to be a good pick for those who are just starting out in solar and looking for a long-term investment.

The Advantages Of Installing A 5kw Solar System:

  • 20*250W high power output solar panels
  • A 5kw upgradable inverter
  • 22-24 units of per day energy output
  • Requires minimal roof space

You can pick this 5kw Solar System Package with a branded inverter at an affordable price of $4,300.

You can save up to 98% on your electricity bills with each of these system choices when you make the best choice among these Best Residential Solar Systems.

Get A Customized Solar Solution With Solar Beam!

We strive to make your transition to solar as convenient as possible. Our team of engineers and experts are always available to solve all your solar-related queries.

Solar Beam offers all solar products at competitive pricing keeping your requirements and budget under consideration.

Furthermore, investing in our solar system packages not only gets you an installation but also our unlimited after-sales service and support.

Why Hire Us?

  • Top-notch solar solutions and consistent customer support right from the processing stage
  • 25-30 years performance warranty
  • 10-12 years warranty on PV panels from tier-1 solar manufacturers
  • Certified Australian Standard mountings
  • Solar installation within 2 weeks by CEC approved electricians

Get in touch with us at 1300-004-077 to get all the details on our latest deals and special offers.

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