Best Residential Solar System In NSW – 5kW, 6.6kW & 10kW Solar Panels


Solar power is becoming more popular continually, with residents across Australia.

Learn to take advantage of the financial and environmental benefits of this amazing technology.

A complete home solar electric system requires components to produce electricity, convert power into alternating current that can be used by home appliances, store excess electricity and maintain safely.

Solar panels are the most noticeable factor of a residential solar electric system. The solar panels are installed outside the home, typically o the roof and convert sunlight into electricity.

Here in this blog, we’ll discuss what you need to know about the residential solar panels.

Residential Solar Panels – Renewable Energy Solutions For Users

Residential solar panels in NSW are a great way to save money on your energy bills.

Whereas the electricity grid in Australia is pretty dependable by global standards, it’s also one of the most expensive.

With cost already among the highest in the world and bills set to increase even more in the future. More and more Aussie home-owners are looking for a smart alternative.

Solar power systems are a great technique to gain control more than your energy generation.

Moreover, create a solution that is sustainable for your budget and friendly for the planet.

Once the initial installation is complete, the residential solar panels are easy to maintain, cheap to operate, and capable of meeting your daily energy requirements.

Tips For Selecting A Solar Panel System

Here are some points That will Help You to select a solar panel system:

  • Measure how much space you have to raise your solar panels.
  • Decide on a budget for your system.
  • Find a system that satisfies your power requirements, but still fits within your space restrictions. This will decide if you need a roof-mounted or ground-mounted system and if you’re suitable for a solar roof shingle system.
  • Read our guide to pick your solar energy system installer.

When purchasing a PV system keep in mind that warranties differ between 10 to 25 years.

If you don’t have the money to purchase a long-lasting system, ensure it wills at least pay back your initial investment in energy savings.

Also, remember to look into the many incentives that your government offers.

Switch to solar and every time you look up at the sun you’ll have yet one more reason to thank it.

 Types of Solar Panels In NSW

Residential Solar Panels

Residential solar panels offer numerous advantages to Australian home-owners, as well as cost savings and environmental benefits.

These are the top residential solar panels that you can pick for your energy requirements.

#1: 5kW Solar Panels

A 5kW solar system is one of the most popular solar packages presented nowadays in NSW. It is a perfect size for the typical Aussie families as it produces 22kW/day.

While average Australian use 920kW per month. 5kw Solar Panels are enough to offer up to 22-24 units of electricity per day.

Therefore, a 5kW system is enough to meet daily energy needs. Moreover, installing a 5kw solar system will pay for itself in 6 to 8 years.

#2: 6.6 kW Solar Panels

6.6 kW Solar System is a perfect option for the energy requirements of a large family or small commercials space.

This cost-effective power source is the best way to slash down your energy bills with just a one-time investment.

A 6.6 kW solar panels size comprise of energy-efficient 22*300 Watt solar panels.

This system size is perfect for Big Households. Usually, Aussies with a home of three or more residents consider it to be the best choice to reduce electricity bills.

#3: 10kW Solar Panels

A 10kW Solar System is a perfect solar option for a large home with extensive solar energy requirements.

Well, the high efficient system generates a huge amount of electricity fulfilling your daily power quota.

Moreover, it generates enough energy for Big Family with moderated electricity consumption. The most exciting fact is its daily energy production ranges from 39 kWh to 46 kWh.

Well, the 10kW Solar Panels System consists of 31 to 40 panels depending on the capability of each. It fits in a small roof space area without hassling much.

Looking For Best Solar Panel Installer In NSW?

Solar Beam, Australia’s #1 leading Solar Installers understand the specific requirement of every client.

We are focused on getting your system with wide energy output with the compact design possible.

We are appreciated for our Customer-friendly service, as we put the equipment and concern of our client as priorities.

If you’re looking for the best residential solar panels in NSW, give us a call today at 1300-004-077.

Author: Solar Beam

Solar Beam is Australia’s#1 solar panel installer providing best and affordable solar solution to the homeowners, entrepreneurs, and their communities. The shift towards clean, affordable and reliable power in the NSW is most noticeable in the fast expansion of solar panels mounted on the tops of homes and organizations.

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