What Is The Difference Between A Scissor Lift And A Boom Lift?

Scissor vs Boom Lift
Scissor Lift Or Boom Lift— Which would be more beneficial for your construction site?

Well, every job has its own requirement and need. The requirement of a lift depends on the job too.

Also, you can’t deny the fact, the functions of this equipment are limited to a certain level. Hence, one can’t help you with the same task as others. So, picking one is utter complex.

However, going through their specification, details, benefits, and workability, we can decide which offers more.

Here we have shared a short brief of  Scissor vs Boom Lift to know which lift equipment is best suitable for your job.

#1: What is a Scissor Lift?

Scissor lifts are useful for elevating workers to high areas. Typically, these are used in industrial and warehouse settings.

Generally, these machines come under the brand of JLG Genie and Skyjack.

Their crisscrossing braces resembles a scissor. This is where they have got their name from. Well, these lifts are created in a way to go to top and bottom at one single place.

These can have a greater extendable platform. These kinds of scissor lifts can hold more people or stuff at once.

You can easily get Scissor Lift For Sale. However, buying is best when you have long term usage. For a small job getting Scissor Lift Rental is cheaper.

Buying requires the operator to get Scissor lift training. Obviously, this further adds to the expenses. Hence, after comparing both sides decide whether to buy or get it for rent.

Scissor Lifts Upside

  • Larger Platform – Scissor lifts are more suitable for jobs requiring a number of workers at an elevated level. In fact, the size of its platform is much larger compared to different aerial lifts.
  • Cheaper – Comparatively, the Scissor Lift Rental or buying is less expensive than other lifts.
  • Easy Maintenance – Scissor lifts doesn’t require much handling. Hence, it is easy to keep it in proper condition and maintenance isn’t at all tricky.

Scissor Lifts Downside

  • Lower Lift Heights – Most scissor lifts can reach to a height of 20-50 feet. However, this is lesser compared to top boom lifts.
  • Limited Maneuverability/mobility – Most scissor lifts movements go only vertically. Well, there isn’t any way to move around on obstacles

#2: What Is A Boom Lift?

A boom lift is also said to be a cherry picker or man lift. Well, the reason is the intense flexibility and the greater lifting height.

Moreover, it has a huge hydraulic “arm” able to move over and around things. These lifts generally come in “straight stick” or “articulating” footprints.

Articulating boom lifts have arms capable of bending like a joint or knuckle. Whereas the stick booms have straight arms. These can hold heavier weight but its maneuverability is comparatively lesser.

Again, for small jobs and project Boom Lift Rental serves best. Obviously, it gets you top-notch service experience at a lesser expense. However, for regular usage renting is a waste of money, buying Boom Lift serves best.

Boom Lifts Pros

  • Better Maneuverability – It is a significantly better choice if you require movement around obstacles. The long arms are adjustable at different angles and in any direction to make the job easier.
  • Higher Lift Heights – Usually, these tend to reach much higher heights. These can go up to 130 feet which is much great to scissor lifts.

Boom Lifts Cons

  • Smaller Platform – Boom lifts platforms are smaller meaning they can hold only a few workers and materials.
  • More Expensive – Usually, buying a Boom lift is going to be expensive than scissor lifts.
  • More Maintenance — As these are lifts are comparatively larger in size, it requires more maintenance.

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