Best Solar System Sizes Available for Small Businesses in Australia

Solar Power Systems for Small Business

As a small business, you will have a number of on-going expenses to consider.

Some of these would be licenses & insurance, employment & wages, stock purchases, marketing, and POWER BILLS!

These will generally continue to rise in cost. However, a small commercial solar installation will help reduce energy expenses.

Getting started can be tricky as there are now a number of solar options available across Australia.

You can, in fact, get different solar packages with different sizes, brands, and warranty periods.

These are 4 of the Best Solar Power Systems for Small Business in Australia:

  • 3kw solar system
  • 5kw solar system
  • 6.6kw solar system
  • 10kw solar system

Picking the right option for your business should be based on a well-informed decision.

So, below we’ve discussed some of the key things to consider before getting things started.

Why Choose Solar Panels For Your Business?

#1. Save Money

Solar Panels help your small business save money by generating free and green electricity to be used onsite.

This lowers the energy required from the grid in daylight hours and saves you thousands of pounds each year on energy bills.

#2. Save the Environment 

Harnessing the Sun’s power to generate your own electricity from solar reduces your carbon footprint and could offset most of your business’ carbon emissions. 

#3. Market Reputation 

With climate change being a major topic of concern at the moment, green plans are a popular strategy for a business to get competitive benefits in their industry and make stronger relationships with their supply chain and customers.

#4. Energy security

It’s a reality that the grid is currently struggling to generate sufficient electricity supply to meet the growing demands of Australia. 

Solar Power Systems For Small Business

Solar Panels have been winning as a clean energy source thanks to their modular design. 

You can purchase just the right number of panels according to your home needs, instead of having to choose between predetermined system sizes.

Therefore, installing an assembly that meets your daily electricity demand is excellent.

Here, we have shared the right Solar System NSW size fitting to your energy requirements

#1: 3kW Solar System

The smallest solar system fits the power needs of small businesses or 2-3 people. Having the most compact size enables it to fit in a small space.

The assembly holds 10 panels, each with standard 300W capacity. Evidently, the daily energy output of the system is around 12 units which is perfect for bachelors.

#2: 5kW Solar System

A 5kW Solar System is one of the most popular solar packages in NSW. It is a perfect size for the typical Aussie families and even small business establishments as it produces 22kW/day.

In fact, the system comprises only 17 solar panels that supply adequate energy for your daily needs ranging from 22-25 units.

#3: 6.6kW Solar System

A 6.6kW Solar System is a perfect option for the energy requirements of a small commercial space. 

It comprises energy-efficient 24*275 Watt solar panels.

Having 24 panels, the system doesn’t require grandeur space to fit in making it the most preferred choice for average energy needs.

#4: 10kW Solar System

A 10kW Solar System is the most suitable solar option for a large or small business with extensive solar energy requirements.

Well, the highly efficient system generates a huge amount of electricity fulfilling your daily power quota.

It has 34 panels and requires extensive space. Well, the most exciting fact is its daily energy production ranges from 29kWh to 46kWh. 

Moreover, it generates enough energy for commercial companies or businesses with moderate electricity consumption.


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