How To Split OST File (Fix: OST File Too Large)

How To Split OST File

Looking for an effective solution on How to Split OST File?? This is the blog for you… Here proven working solution has been detailed on how to fix this particular issue…

However, before that have a quick glance at what is OST file and why one needs to split it

What is OST File?

An OST file is a data file created by Microsoft Outlook (2005 or later), an email client and personal information manager. This data file is used to store a copy of mailbox information from an Office 365, Exchange, or account.

Now OST file size limit varies, with respect to the Outlook version installed in the system. This is the actual reason why OST file gets oversized and the need arises to split OST file.

Issues with Oversized OST File

When OST file size goes beyond the permissible limit, you may experience issues like:

  • Degradation in Outlook performance
  • Synchronization errors
  • Also, Delay in receiving and sending errors
  • The frequent occurrence of issues like Outlook Freezing/not responding

Why Do You Need To Split OST File?

One of the finest ways to resolve issues like ost file too large is to archive OST file into PST. Now though this method is nice, there is a problem related to it.

Moving data from a large-sized OST file to PST increase its sizes and makes it highly susceptible to corruption. Thus, a better alternative to this is split OST file into multiple PSTs.

How To Split OST File?

For splitting OST file, there is no in-built tool in the MS Outlook application. However, an alternative approach is to backup individual mailbox items from an offline data file to a PST file. This should be done one at a time, using Outlook Import/Export wizard.

Now though this method works nicely… however, consumes too much time and of course tedious one, especially when you are splitting multiple OST files. Moreover, you’re required to back up an inaccessible or orphaned OST file.

So, the best way to split OST file is the usage of Stellar OST to PST Converter Tool.

The software is absolutely handy, as comprises an easy-to-use interface.

Stellar OST converter Tool not only converts inaccessible/orphaned OST into a PST file but also allows splitting the converted file into multiple PSTs.

How To Split OST File With Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool

To split OST file or to solve issues like OST file too large… follow the set forth steps:

  • Download, install and run Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool
  • Now from the software’s main interface window, click Browse or Find to select OST file(s) you wishes to convert and split
  • Click Convert to proceed with the conversion process
  • The Stellar Tool will show a preview of the converted mailbox data. Here, select the mailbox data you wish to convert and split into PST. Now click Save Converted File from the main menu
  • Further, from the Save As dialog box that opens, choose Split and Save PST under the Advanced Options section.
  • From the Split PST File box, choose either of the set forth options to split the resultant PST file:

Split by Mail ID

In order to split OST file according to mail IDs, from the ‘Mail ID’ section choose mail ids from the drop-down list. Alternatively, you can use the Select All/Unselect All buttons to select/unselect all the email IDs

Split by Date Range

Select Split by Date Range checkbox under the ‘By Date Range’ section. Here select the in the last checkbox to split the PST file by months or you can choose the start and end date to split it according to a specific period

Split by Size

Ensure the By Size checkbox is checked in the ‘By Size’ section. Now select a size from the dropdown list to split the PST file, according to predetermined sizes: 5 GB/10 GB/20 GB/30 GB or 50 GB

  • Click the Apply Settings buttons to return to the Save As dialog box.
  • Click Browse to select the destination where you wish to save the PST file. Now click
  • Click OK, when done with the splitting process.

The converted file will now get saved as multiple PSTs in the selected location.

So, here finally we end up on how to split OST file. Hopefully, now you can clear on issues like how to compact OST file or how to archive OST file. Similarly, how to solve issues like outlook PST file too large or how to reduce size PST file after archiving or how to compact PST file without opening outlook

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