DIY Simple Use Programme for Recovering Lost Files: Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software

Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software Price

Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software is the world’s most trusted and widely used software for recovering all of your lost or deleted data from any Apple device running on macOS, BigSur, or earlier, such as the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, MacPro, or iMac. The DIY software is 100 percent accurate and effective in assisting in the recovery of data lost as a result of any logical data loss event.

Here we will discuss various attributes about the Stellar Mac data recovery software price and stellar data recovery Mac activation key.

For right now, let us discuss the various pricing packages for Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software. Here is the Stellar Mac Data Recovery software price.

Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software Price

Stellar offers the following packages to its users. They are Professional, Premium, and Technician versions. The first two versions come with 1 Year license and can be operated in only one single system.

However, when talking about Technician versions, it is a blind mix of both the other versions with a little extra. It has 1 Year license with 3 compatible systems working for Technician or AMC providing Companies.

The following shows how the Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software Price can be compared:

Technician>>>>> Premium>>>>>Professional

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However, There are Few Similar Features Among all These Versions. They are:

  • Recovers Data That Has Been Permanently Deleted
  • Creates a Recovery Drive for Macs That Aren’t Booting
  • Files from the Time Machine are recovered.
  • Files from a BootCamp Partition can be recovered.
  • Creates a disc image that can be used to recover files.
  • Monitors the health of your Mac’s hard drive.

Therefore, go and buy yourself a version of Stellar Data Recovery for Mac. So, let us discuss the stellar data recovery for Mac and some of its features.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac

The Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software is a useful tool for anyone who has lost important data on an Apple device. It’s never been easier or more powerful to recover data from a Mac.

  • Documents, emails, movies, audio, and photographs have all been retrieved.
  • Data can be recovered from a wrecked or unbootable Mac
  • Selective preview and restoration of data.
  • Compatible with Mac OS X and older versions. Recovers data from SSDs, hard drives, SD cards, USB flash devices, and CD/DVDs.
  • Recovery is feasible from APFS, HFS+, HFS, FAT, exFAT, and NTFS formatted CDs.

Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software is a data recovery solution for Mac users who have lost data due to Trash, drive erasure, crashed Mac, drive corruption, macOS update, factory reset, or volume loss. It can be used in any case where data is lost.

Other Features of Stellar Data Recovery for Mac are:

  • File recovery from emptied trash – Expert data recovery software for Mac can recover deleted files that have been irreversibly destroyed or emptied from Trash or Bin.


  • Any file type can be recovered — Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac can recover documents, emails, movies, audios, and images.


  • Data recovery from crashed Mac – Stellar Mac data recovery software can also recover data from Mac devices that have been crashed due to some issues.


  • Compatibility — This software recovers data from all Mac devices, regardless of the conditions of data loss, storage drive make and model, file types and formats, file system, or macOS version.

Stellar Data Recovery Mac Crack

There are several cracked versions of the Stellar Data Recovery for Mac available, but it is not recommended that you use them. By utilizing such versions of the software, one risks infecting his computer with malware and viruses, which can be hazardous to it. By downloading cracked versions of software, one is also putting his personal information in danger.

Therefore, for keeping your PC or device from any undiagnosed hacking, download stellar data recovery for Mac. Furthermore, this iPhone data recovery program has a very basic and user-friendly graphical user interface, making the entire procedure very straightforward to complete. The program employs a sophisticated algorithm that examines the memory and recovers data in the event of data loss.

Other than, Stellar Mac data recovery software, you can also get your hands on Stellar Data Recovery for Windows. This is generally designed for Windows users who have been waiting to retrieve back all their lost data.

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Stellar Data Recovery for Windows

Stellar Data Recovery for Windows, formerly known as Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, is a Stellar-developed data recovery tool for Microsoft Windows. It can aid in a variety of situations, including a physically damaged hard disc, firmware corruption, RAID failure owing to drive failure, file system corruption, and more. It provides free data recovery for up to 1 GB of lost or deleted data on Windows.

Bottom Line

With only one click, Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software attempts to restore and retrieve all of your lost data, images, and stored value memories. Its outstanding capabilities have aided many customers, including you, in resolving their data loss issues.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know in the comments section below.

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