Is 10Kw Or 6.6kw Solar Panel Enough For Your Residential?

10Kw Or 6.6kw Solar Panel- Which should you get?

Before going for any solar system for residential or commercial purposes… you should know the answer of –what size of the solar system will be more apt for me?

Because buying solar panels or solar panels NSW is not a decision to be taken in a fraction of seconds. It involves your valuable dollars!!

So think thrice before investing and choose wisely.

Coming to the main content that which solar panels are the most perfect solution for you… 1okw Or 6.6kw Solar Panel.

6.6kw Solar Panels

Is 6.6kw solar enough?

Of course yes!

6.6kw solar panels is the most popular and common size solar panels get installed for single-phase residential purposes.

From a 6.6kw solar system, you can expect an endless power supply of renewable energy from the sun.

6.6kw Solar Panels Cost-effective solution for those medium and large households.

6.6kw solar panel has got features of-

  • 22 X 300 kwh high efficient solar panels
  • 10-12 years of warranty on solar panels
  • 25-30 years of performance warranty
  • solar mountings certified as per Australian standards
  • 20kwh to 27 kwh of energy drive

1okw Solar Panels

Now time for 10kw solar panels- yet another suitable choice for large households.

It offers more output at a relatively low price.

Plus if you run all your appliances all day then you should definitely look for it.

10kw solar panel has got features of

  • 34 X 300 kwh high efficient solar panels
  • solar mountings as per Australian standards
  • 10-12 years of warranty on solar panels
  • 25-30 years of performance warranty
  • 29kwh to 46 kwh of energy drive

But knowing only about the 10kw or 6.6kw solar panel cost or features is not enough to build a decision. Here you also need to assess yourself on the basis of,

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going Solar

Here are the 3 tips and valuable questions to ask and get the answers from yourself.

#1. What’s your budget?

Of course the topmost priority before making any purchase!!

You know your financial drive better than us. So it’s always a good idea to prepare a budget for that.

#2. What’s your household energy usage?

This one is the most difficult phase to go through to make a decision. It’s a tough job to determine how much energy is consumed if there are a lot of variables in the gameplay.

But there are certain guides and tools which can help you in determining energy usage.

#3. How quickly you want to see a return on your investment?

If you are going to live in your house for 5-10 years then going for small-sized solar panels will not give you a much quicker return.

As compared to investing in some 6.6kw Or 10 Kw Solar Panels For Residential Purposes.

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High Quality Solar Panels | Huge Selection & Great Prices‎

With traditional energy sources reducing at the highest level, people are going for renewable sources of energy. Solar Energy one of the best options when it comes to residential or even commercial energy requirements.

Well, this doesn’t have the goodness to the environment only but, it can eventually reduce your energy bills. This means you would be paying less than ever and even to zero.

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