7 Interesting Facts That You Don’t Know About Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is not just an ancient practice, there is much more to know about it. The therapy involves the manipulation of different soft tissues of the body. The techniques are generally applied with the help of fingers, hands, knees, elbows, feet, forearms, or any specific device. The main purpose of the whole procedure is the treatment of body stress or ache.

Massage therapy doesn’t only relieve muscle strain and advance blood flow, but it acquires usage to serve for specific purposes. The treatment heals up your pain and is benefiting in a number of your physical needs.

Besides these, there are a number of unbelievable facts about massage therapy that may help to transform your lifestyle.

Interesting Facts about Massage Treatment

massage therapy facts

A massage can give you ultimate relief from the body pain you have been suffering for long. However, you haven’t ever thought that this amazing body healing has some interesting history and facts that you don’t know. So, we have come with lesser-known facts about this special body treatment.

#1. Long Impeccable History

Massage therapy is one of the healing processes which date back thousands of years. The unique body treatment may have been recently amalgamated as a medical science, but its successful practice is going on from eras.

The Hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt shows the usage of this benefiting healing in that era.  The therapy was also used by Julius Caesar to relax his epilepsy.

#2. Proven Medical Benefits

Massage doesn’t only relief your physical pain but it has numerous other benefits. One of the widespread explicit advantages of the healing lies in several ailments. The therapy can turn out to be helpful in some major medical conditions.

  • Breast and other types of cancers
  • Migraines and other kinds of headaches
  • Anxiety and depression

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#3. It Not Only About Relaxation

Massage therapy provides a whole rejuvenation to your whole body. The benefit of an hour of massage is equal to a night of full night sleep.

Lots of energy is required by the body to feed tissues with oxygen. However, with massage therapy, it becomes easier to not only fulfill the daily dose of energy but more than that.

#4. No Need to Take Your Clothes Off

Most people avoid going for a massage is the hoax of getting naked. However, the reality is, you need not take off your clothes completely in order to get the optimum massage benefits. You can still be fully clothed and get the maximum aids.

Meanwhile, that doesn’t mean you would wear a scratchy shirt in your session. This would not make you feel so great.

#5. Anytime & Anywhere

The most interesting thing about massage therapy is that you can get it anywhere & anytime.  It just a matter of your comfort, if you have got to a place that you are comfortable in, you can get the session.

Furthermore, the healing can be received on a bed, floor, and massage table or even on a chair. The therapy can be incorporated with massage oils, heated stones or even ice cubes. well these are optional, but has huge advantages.

#6. Improves the Immune System

Massage can effectively work on your immune system. Getting your ear massaged daily can keep you pleasant for the whole day. This can eventually lead to better functionality of your immune system, and give you an elevated energy level throughout the day.

All you have to do is just gently pull different parts of the ear mildly. However, you should keep the focus on the top middle and bottom of the outer earlobe.

#7. Massage in the Olympics

Massage therapy not only relaxes the body but provide more energy and relieve specific health conditions. Getting a massage has splendid benefits, that why it got to the Olympics too. In 1996 the healing remedy was first included as a core medical service at the Olympic Games.

A human body has 640 different muscles.  Athletes are prone to aches and pains due to workout, games and different physical activity. Massage emerged as a boon to the participants of the Olympics.

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