7 Fundamental Benefits of Using Shotcrete Concrete Pump

With the growing construction work, it’s becoming stiff to underground mines. You’ll want it to be done in the most precise way and have longer durability. But, when the time comes to do the work you would be in a dilemma whether to go with the wet or dry process. And, with the upgraded technology and machines all your concern has gone away.

Shotcrete is a method by which these types of work become easy. You don’t even need to worry about the safety of the person who is performing work. And, the increasing usage of shotcrete spray is the main reason for growing construction market. This is why shotcrete-sprayed concrete is becoming popular as it is economical and flexible.

The shotcrete process is a dominant factor in many construction industries: Underground tunneling, pools, building trades, and infrastructure. When the application is used in the RIGHT manner it gives several benefits.

Before we further move to its benefits, let’s know what exactly it is.

What is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete isn’t a physical product. It can’t be touched or held in your hand. It’s a way of placing the concrete over the prepared surface to achieve longer durability and higher strength.

What is Shotcrete

The application process of shotcrete is very unique. This involves pneumatic projection so that compaction is achieved in the reception area.

In the next section you’ll get to know all the benefits it has.

Benefits of Using Shotcrete Concrete Pump

Shotcreting is a wet process of placing the concrete. And, with “wet-process shotcrete” a low-slump concrete mixture will be pumped through the nozzle till the end of the pipeline. Shotcrete Concrete Pump requires high-pressure to transfer the concrete mixture.

#1: High Quality with Homogeneous Support

The ratio of water and cement is controlled automatically to provide higher strength. With the pump, a correct amount of mixture will be transferred to make a constant layer.

#2: Nontoxic working Conditions

Unlike dry process, this process doesn’t generate dust. So, operator while shotcreting can pay full attention to finish the work with high-quality. This process is safe and doesn’t make the operator suffer from any diseases.

#3: Energy Saver

One machine in this process can achieve the same result what three machines in the dry process (Gunite) may not achieve, even while working with the same power and requirements. Thus, this saves your energy and money as well.

#4: Less Labour Needed

Since in this process two nozzlemen are enough to operate one shotcrete concrete pump. All the mixing work will be done in the mixing machine and the concrete will be transferred to the end of the pump. So, it doesn’t require more laborer.

#5: Greater Spraying Output

Unlike manual method, automatic shotcreting equipment offers higher spraying outputs. It transfers maximum concrete in the same period of time. The concrete flow can be as high as 20-30 m3/h

#6: Time Saver

As this machine higher rate of concrete transfer and faster preparation, it helps you to save the total time of up to 30% with the shotcreting process of concrete transfer.

#7: Less Wear and Tear

The concrete will be mixed inside the automatic machine and it maintains the ration of cement and water. The mixture doesn’t get any chance to have contact with the mud so there is no chance of wear and tear.

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