Trina Vs Jinko solar Panels | Which One Is Going To Be Your Best Buy?

Trina Solar Panel vs Jinko Solar Panel

Are you looking for the best solar panels for residential or commercial purposes?

Nodding yes then you have landed on the right page. Here you will get to know about the Best Solar Panel Australia 2021.

Since we know the fact that the decision of installing solar panels requires some investment. and it’s not as easy as buying oranges!! Moreover, there is a lot of factors on which your decision depends.

Also, there are lots of solar panels of big brands available around but they are not that affordable for common people.

Thus in this blog, you get to see Jinko and Trina Solar Panels Review as they are peoples favorite choice when comes to solar panel installations.

Here you will get the deep info and comparative analyses on Jinko vs Trina solar panels on the basis of affordability, guarantee, and so on.

This one is really going to help you in making an opinion on Jinko or Trina solar panels.

But before jumping over to their comparison firstly make sure that who are the companies in the making of Trina vs Jinko Solar Panels.

Starting with Jinko solar panels first,

Is Jinko Solar A Good Brand?

Jinkosolar is a well-established company of china founded in 2006 which provides solar panels for international utility, residential as well as commercial purposes.

They are one of the leading solar panel providers company in Australia as well as in other countries.

Why don’t you look at the features of Jinko solar panels also!

Jinko Solar – Key Features To Look Upon

  • Product warranty of 12 years
  • Power warranty of 25 years
  • 5 busbars solar cell
  • Weight ranges from 15.4 to 27 kg
  • Excellence in low light performance
  • Durable in harsh environmental conditions
  • Severe weather resilience
  • Black frame
  • Monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels

Now coming to our second Trina Solar Panel Review,

Is Trina Solar A Good Brand?

Trina solar panel is one of the oldest high-quality solar panels providing company in china. It was founded in 1997 since then serving the people of Australia and other countries.

They have built a solid reputation in the fields of solar panel providers through ranking as the best performer with other 20+ countries.

Have a look at the features of Trina solar panels too…

 Trina Solar – Key Features To Look Upon

  • Product warranty of 12 years
  • Power warranty of 25 years
  • Multi-busbars
  • Weight ranges from 12.8 kg to 25 kg
  • Ultra-high power module
  • More energy production
  • Bifacial solar panels
  • Advance modules for harsh weather conditions

Now that you have got to know about both the solar panels Trina vs Jinko and their almost similar features…here comes the deciding part for you on the basis of affordability of solar panels.

Trina vs Jinko – Which One Is More Affordable?   

Considering the fact that price can be the major factor influencing your decision. We did our thorough research on the pricing of solar panels of Jinko vs Trina Solar Panels.

And the conclusion to which we came was that both the solar panels are quite affordable when compared to solar panels of other renowned brands.

These two are 1-tier pocket-friendly solar panels to go for if you are really thinking about solar panel installations.

So choosing any one of them is going to save some dollars for you!!

Looking for professional solar panel installers?

Well just deciding and making the payment for solar panels doesn’t make your work come to an end.

Need to say this because people often disregard the fact that solar panel installations by experts are also an important factor.

This can decide the future of your installed solar panels. Like if done right it may add up to the lifespan of solar panel… and if not it may be the reason for degradation of solar panels in nearby future years.

That’s why to save you from any further problems Top Solar Quote Company  – one of the pre-qualified solar lead generation company is at your rescue.

From here you can book a quote for solar panels as per your requirements and we guarantee to provide you with professional installers in your nearby area at the most affordable pricing.

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