The Different Types Of Aerial Lifts Available For Each Job

Types Of Aerial Lifts

Well, there are lots of tasks in our day-to-day business activities that can’t perform manually.

Like electric line repair, outdoor building repairs, material handling at warehouses, and other kinds of works that require height. It requires a certain kind of support from the technologies to get our task completed.

And if you are a person who is unaware of the technologies that can ease your business works!! Then you should read this blog “what type of aerial lift you should rent”.

Though there is a lot of aerial lifts like a Forklift, Boom Lift, Scissor lift, telehandlers, etc. in the market.

But here we have discussed the different types of aerial lifts which you can rent as per your work requirements.

So before discussing type of aerial lifts let us give you a short brief on what are actually aerial lifts to be considered for!

Okay!! So have a look…

Why Are Aerial Lifts In Demand?

The demand for aerial lifts is increasing day by day because of the ease that it provides in work. Its need is in almost every field.

Like for instance, aerial lifts are very common in use for construction projects! But they are also used by manufacturing companies, emergency crews, and general contractors.

Well, aerial lifts provide a platform in support with tall and long extendable arms to help you out if working at heights.

Though there are different type  of aerial lifts which you can rent from aerial lift companies…But before that you should decide which lift will work best for you!

And to know that you should know the types of aerial lifts available and their best suitable areas.

Thus let’s begin…

Different Type of Aerial Lifts

#1. Scissor Lift

Types Of Aerial Lifts

Scissor lifts are the platforms that are used to move workers safely to different positions vertically. They are generally used by construction, entertainment, and manufacturing departments.

The Scissor Lift Rental Toronto guidelines state that you can use scissor lifts but you need to have Scissor License for that. Like the person operating this lift needs to complete OSHA Certification and safety, training classes.


Types Of Aerial Lifts

Forklifts are kind of trucks used in industrial projects to lift and move materials from one place to another.

It is very easy to use lift just like a sedan car! As you can handle it within a few days of practice.

Also, the Forklift Training course is of 16 hours after which you get a valid Forklift License.

And the one thing that Forklift Rental companies suggest that the loading on forklifts should be in an appropriate way. As this is the only main reason for injuries and accidents.

#3.Boom Lift

Types Of Boom Lift

Boom lifts are the kind of lifts that have both horizontal and vertical reach. They are helpful in construction projects, outdoor jobs, and so on.

They normally reach higher than scissor lift but they also have a small platform area. So if you want you can also go for Boom lift vs scissor lift for a better decision.

Here also you need to complete the OSHA training and safety program to get a valid Boom Lift License. And you need to renew your license after every 3 years.


Types Of Aerial Lifts


Telehandler is also known as Telescopic Forklift. It comes with different attachments that are used to move loads forward and backward. It is also used in lifting materials from one place to another.

They are not only operated on construction sites but also in agricultural and recycling industries.

And to get a Telehandler License you need to complete your training and high-risk work assessment through RTO.

So now after you have gone through all the kinds of aerial lifts available you must have made a decision of which lift will suit your job best!

And now you must be looking for a company that provides aerial lifts at affordable pricing…. along with other safety and training guidelines.

Am I right?

Yess then it’s better if you go through our last suggestion for you!!

Thus have a look

Which Lift Equipment Company to go for?

It is rightly said that technologies make our life easier. The rising complexities in day-to-day business works or projects have really made aerial lifts the need of this hour.

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