Melacyn – Best Derma Medicine For Vitiligo treatment in India

Many prestigious Dermatology research organization like American Academy of Dermatology describe vitiligo as “more than a cosmetic problem”. A global research on vitilogo shows 0.5 to 2 percent of people are affected by vitilogo. People tried Vitiligo treatment at home and they failed because it’s not a general health issue. In short, it is the patches appear when melanocytes within the skin die off.

Everyone is searching for vitiligo cure and if you are also here for vitiligo cure 2019 you are at right place. Besides all the synthetic medicines containing side effects, Aldan Healthcare come up with a phyto pharma medicine. Phyto pharma medicines isan herbal medicines obtained from nature.

So, before going to the medicine, it’s quite important to go in brief discussion about vitiligo, causes and symptoms.


vitiligo treatment in india

Vitiligo is a skin disorder in which patches of skin loses their colour. The total area of skin that can be affected by vitiligo varies with the person. Usually this happens because the cells that make pigments (colour) in the skin are knocked down. These cells are known as melanocytes. Vitiligo can also affect the mucous membranes (such as the tissue inside the nose and mouth) and the eyes. Increasing cases of vitiligo in India needs a trustable vitiligo treatment in India.

Facts about vitiligo

  • Vitiligo can affect people of any gender, age, or ethnicity.
  • It is not a contagious skin disorder.
  • This disease may have a genetic component, as the condition tends to run in generations.

Vitiligo Causes

Generally, this disease happen when your immune system mistakenly attacks some part of your body. In vitiligo, the immune system destroy the melanocytes in the skin. According to various research of Dermatology Pharmaceutical Companies, It is also possible that one or more genes may make a person more likely to get the disorder.

Vitiligo Symptoms

Generally, white patches on the skin are the main sign of vitiligo. In this case, these patches are more common in areas where the skin is exposed to the sun. Various cases of vitiligo treatment in Kolkata shows that the patches may be on the hands, feet, arms, face, and lips. Other common areas for patches are:

  • The armpits and groin (where the body meets the leg)
  • Throughout the mouth
  • Eyes
  • Nostrils
  • Navel
  • Genitals
  • Rectal areas

Various research by derma Pharma Company in India shows that People with vitiligo often have hair that turns grey early. People with dark skin may notice a depletion of colour inside their mouths.

Vitiligo treatment in India

People have tried variety of options like best vitiligo treatment in Delhi, best vitiligo treatment in Mumbai but they are not getting the satisfactory result. Now, Aldan Healthcare a Phytopharma Product Manufacturers in India come up with “MELACYN” an herbal medicine for vitiligo. It can restore colour to the white patches of skin.

Treatment includes:

  • Gel cream that you put on the skin.
  • Capsules that you take by mouth.

How to use:

As prescribed by manufacturer –

  • Capsules – 1 tablet once a day.
  • Gel cream – Apply a thin layer to the affected area twice a day.

Or as prescribed by the Doctor.

Many people who have tried this herbal medicine rated it as best vitiligo treatment in world. This is why Aldan Healthcare is listed in Top Dermatology Pharmaceutical Companies in India.

Vitiligo restriction, and suggestion

Besides, vitiligo treatment in India, we also prescribe some restriction and general suggestion. The whole study of the disease from diet to medicine leads us to top Dermatology Product Manufacturers in India. Deep study of everything tells us the ingredients and the amount, which we have included in medicine and prescribed how to use.


You may benefit from immune system-boosting foods that contain phytochemicals, antioxidants, and beta-carotene.

Here are some foods that is helpful for this condition:

  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Leafy greens such as romaine lettuce or Kale
  • Garbanzo beans
  • Root vegetables, especially beets, radishes, and carrots.
  • Dates


Here are some of the top problem foods that should avoid:

  • Alcohol
  • Citrus
  • Fish
  • Coffee
  • Curds
  • Pickles
  • Red Meat

Various people tried this after best ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo in India and rated “MELACYN” as most effective. However, we make this for betterment of our society and we are happy that people are getting benefits of this medicine. MELACYN is marked as a measurement scale in various Dermatology Pharmaceutical Companies.

Hope that now you have enough information about the vitiligo and vitiligo treatment in India.

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