What Factors Determines the Best Solar System Size?

How To Determine the Best Solar System Size

The first step  after deciding to go solar is what could be the best solar system size for your house?

Well, a specific solar system size can affect so many factors related to the whole process of installation. For instance, a good solar system size with several features can lower your financial savings.

There are so many other advantages too that we will be discussing in this blog.

However, before anything else, you must acknowledge yourself with the ways to calculate solar system size for your home.

Well, we are here with this blog to make you aware of all the physical and technical factors that affect the solar size.

This blog will also act as a solar system size guide through which you can get the firm knowledge of the best solar system size.

Factors That Determine Solar System Size for You

Factors You Must Consider while Going Solar

There are several key factors that are used to determine the worth of the solar system.

These factors play an essential role in calculating the value of the solar system and must be considered before buying.

#1. Electricity Consumption

The amount of energy that you consume in a day holds a major importance in deciding which solar system size you need.

Moreover, while buying a solar system, make sure the system provides enough energy to meet your daily needs of energy consumption.

All you need to do is calculate the unit of power consumption of your household and then look for a solar system that meet your demands.

For instance, If you are a small family, 5kw solar system output per day that Is 20 units per day will be more than enough for you.

#2. Weather Condition

One of the location-dependent factors that is quite important is the weather condition of the place you are residing.

Moreover, there are several areas that has more peak sunlight hours and there are some places where the intensity of sunlight is slightly lower than what is required.

However, that doesn’t mean the installation is not worthy in the place with lower sunlight.

Instead, you have to install twice the size of solar system than that of a place with highest peak sunlight hours.

#3. Roof Features

The characteristic of your roof can leave a powerful impact on your solar energy production.

The solar arrays facing east or west  produces less energy output than that of which is facing south.

If the only option left for you is to install it in east or west, then you will have to increase the size of solar system for the adjustment.

#4. Solar Company

You might not be knowing the importance of how can a reputed solar company benefit your solar installation.

A good solar company can look after your financial modelling of your installation.

Apart from that, a good solar company can affect your overall installation by making the most accurate calculations and can adjust it according to your requirements.

In addition to that, they also have the knowledge of the local rules and regulation of the place where you are going to install your solar system.

So, these were some of the major factors that can play an important part to determine the best solar system size.

Moving on to the next section, lets know more about Which Size Of Solar Panel can be the best for you.

Best Solar Size and their Energy Production

Best Solar System Sizes

As we already know that the actual output of a solar system is affected by several factors that keeps on shifting.

The common system sizes that are mostly preferable is that of 5kw solar system and 6.6kw solar system.

A 5kw solar system can be considerable for a small family whereas if your energy requirements are a bit higher, then you must choose 6.6kw solar system.

As far as the 6.6kw solar system daily output is concerned, it can provide 25-27kwh power per day.

Whereas, a 5kw solar size can produce 20 units per day.   Apart from that, those with larger families  install 10kw solar system because it provides more energy and savings.

So, this was all about the best sizes of solar system that you install at your place.


In this particular blog, we gave ideas related to the factors that determines the best solar system size.

Apart from that, we also let you know about some of the widely installed solar sizes and their daily outputs.

If you are about to go solar, you must go through all the mentioned points to grab the best deal.

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