What Kind Of Solar Panels Should I Install In Melbourne?

Factors that Help You Get the BestSolar Panels In Melbourne

Melbourne is regularly hailed as the world’s most livable city, and its innovation scene is thriving.

Thus, it is easy to understand why Solar Energy is one of the city’s most significant emerging markets.

Trams in Melbourne have benefited from solar technology’s advances, with the whole network now powered entirely by the sun.

In Melbourne, electricity is used to cool our homes during the harsh summer months.

The frosty winters also call for electricity to keep them warm. We can generate all the electricity we need with solar panels all year long.

You can access free, clean energy for your home with solar technology, reducing your carbon footprint and slashing your energy bill.

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Solar Panels In Melbourne: 3 Reasons Why NOW Is The Right Time


Have you made up your mind? ┬áThis isn’t a requirement. A home solar system is as easy to install as any appliance. These reasons make solar power a no-brainer.

#1. 6 Solar Panels Installed Every Minute

Every minute, six solar panels are installed across Australia. What is the reason? Simple is the answer.

Since electricity prices are increasing, it is often cheaper to generate the power yourself with solar panels than to pay large energy retailers.

In Melbourne, a 6.6kW single-phase solar system is the largest you can install.

The amount of power is enough to run a three-bedroom home. We have list of Reputable Solar Companies all over Melbourne who can assist you with choosing and insatlling the right system.

#2. The Solar Victoria Rebate In Town

There is a rebate program for 650,000 homes through Solar Victoria. The Victorian Government will also pay you a further $1,850 plus an interest-free loan on top of the STC rebate.

Instead of large energy retailers making huge profit, the focus is on Victorian households becoming more energy independent.

There’s no complicated process for claiming the Solar Victoria Rebate.

#3. Get Ready For Battery

Whether you have solar panels already and haven’t claimed a rebate from Solar Victoria or you are planning to install solar panels in Melbourne, the Victorian Government will be paying $4,174 for the battery system installation.

How come? Simple.

Solar batteries allow Victorians to use solar energy both at night and during the day.

An additional technical reason for the battery scheme is that a PV system with battery storage enables the grid to be balanced.

The result is less strain on the grid at peak times because homes can use power when the sun is down.

What Is The Cost Of Solar Panels In Melbourne?

solar panel cost in Melbourne

This question cannot be answered until you know what size solar panel system you need for your home. Have a look below, which size will be most comfortable for you?

So, Do you have a large household?

  • For a couple, 17.3 kWh per day
  • 24 kWh for a family per day

You can compare the output with the solar panels on offer in Melbourne:

  • 6 kW produces 23.8 kWh
  • 9kW system produces 32 kWh

A 6.6kW system would be sufficient for a small family with low energy needs.

To meet their current and future demands, households with high consumption should install a 9.9kW system.

If your household consumes more or less, this may vary.

Now that you know what you require, how much does Solar Panel Installation In Melbourne Cost?

  • 2kW solar system costs $2,100
  • 6kW solar system costs $2,665

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