Quick Guide: What To Eat Before Powerlifting Training

What to eat before powerlifting training

Are you new to power lifting? Then you must know what to eat before a power lifting training.

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It is a common notion that if you want to build muscles, working out is the key.

However, building muscles and increasing strength both requires more than just weight lifting and workout.

Right diet followed by the right training is the golden rule to hit the strength goals sooner.

Moreover, if you are a power lifter and looking to gain strength, how should you fuel your body?

Rather than just stuffing your body with the food it’s better to educate yourself about what to eat before power lifting training.

Furthermore, if you are new to weight lifting training it is also important to understand the difference between bodybuilding and power lifting.

Both bodybuilding and power lifting are part of resistance training methods that involve weights.

Even though both of these sports revolve around lifting weights, they are quite different. And so are their nutritional requirements.

NOTE: Read Powerlifting vs bodybuilding to more about the difference between bodybuilding and Power lifting.

Moving on, let’s know what to eat before power lifting training.

What To Eat Before Power Lifting Training

Power lifters require a combination of nutrients to improve their performance and recovery rate. Here is the list of best pre-work out food groups for power lifting.

#1. Calories

yogurt with berries

You need to consume more calories than you burn, to build muscles.

Moreover, consuming fewer calories than you burn will make your body break the muscles and use the energy and as a power lifter, you don’t want that.

Therefore, it is important to add enough calories to your power lifting recipes.

For instance, you can add the following:

#1. Hummus or peanut butter on bread and crackers.

#2. Try adding avocado or olives to your favorite sandwiches and salads.

#3. Have some yogurt or oatmeal sprinkled with nuts and seeds.

When talking about what to eat before power lifting training, you can’t forget macro-nutrients.

Macro-nutrients are essential for your body in large amounts. These include carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Furthermore, the balance of all these nutrients is vital for power lifting.

#2. Carbohydrates

Oats in a bowl, a cup of milk and two bowls with staw berries and blue berries

When wondering what to eat before lifting weights in the morning, it is important to consider carbs.

This is because your body’s carbohydrates are converted into glycogen which is later used as fuel by your body.

Moreover, you can add healthy carbs like

#1. potato,

#2. whole grain pasta,

#3. oats,

#4. Buckwheat, etc in your power lifting diet.

#3. Protein


We all have learned in our childhood that protein is the building block.

Moreover, protein provides amino acids, and other than increasing your muscles, proteins also prevent muscle damage. 

Furthermore, consuming any source of protein before power lifting training would be helpful. For instance, you can have

#1. Lean chicken

#2. Eggs

#3. Beans

#4. Milk

#4. Fat

bowl filled with nuts

The right quantity of dietary fat can help you aid the muscle-building process.

Moreover, it also gives you a fuller feeling.

Adding unsaturated fats like:

#1. Fish

#2. Nut Butter

#3. Olives

#4. Nuts, etc.

Are good for your power lifting diet plan.

Not to forget, fats can help your body absorb other nutrients like vitamin A, E D, and K.

Moreover, other than these you can also add more complex carbs and protein-rich foods like brown rice, quinoa, tuna, legumes, salmon, etc.

Also, it will be very beneficial to add fresh vegetables and fruits as well to your diet.

Now, after learning about what to eat before power lifting training, it is equally important to know what you must avoid eating to attain success in power lifting.

What To Avoid Consuming Before Power Lifting

To attain success in power lifting, you must avoid consuming these kinds of foods.

#1. Avoid consuming alcohol.

#2. Stop consuming added sugars from processed foods. And try to intake natural sugars from fruits and vegetables.

#3. Ignore fried and processed foods because they give rise to inflammation and leads to stored fat as well.

Notably, these kind of foods need to be avoided for any sort of training be it weight lifting, power lifting or bodybuilding.

Moreover, many people confuse between different types of resistance training.

If you are new to resistance or strength training, you must know that just like weightlifting, bodybuilding and powerlifting are different, the diet plans of Bodybuilding vs Powerlifting vs weightlifting  are also different.

So, this was all about what to eat before power lifting training and what to avoid.

Final Verdict

Power lifting is no joke. It is a serious commitment. 

And to do justice to the commitment you need to follow some diet rules.

Add more healthy calories and macro-nutrients to your power-lifting diet to increase your muscle gain and strength.

Furthermore, rather than consuming supplements, it is advised to spend more on natural sources.

This way you to keep your power lifting diet on a budget.

Moreover, for effective and efficient work out it is important to have a diet plan. And when it comes to power lifting you need all… POWER, PATIENCE & PLAN.

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