What to look for in a Reliable Solar Installer in Perth?

What to look for in a reliable solar installer in Perth

Are you thinking about the ways through which you can get the most reliable solar installer? Well, then you are at a right place.

In order to get the right solar installers, make sure you reach out to the best Solar Power Quotes Perth.

A solar system is a huge and a long-term investment which could further benefit you in so many ways.

However, with the constantly growing demand of the solar panels, the availability of solar companies has grown alongside.

Therefore, it might get difficult for you to trust the one that offers hundred percent reliability.

Nevertheless, the chances of you getting the best deal are quite high if you ask the right questions to your solar installers.

Well, listed below are some of the most significant steps that you can follow to get solar panels that meet all  your place requirements.

1. Do a Complete Research to Get the Best Deal

How to get reliable solar installer

When you finally decide to go solar, you might have to deal with so many individuals. For instance, from the retailer to the local electrician.

However, sometimes, a qualified and a professional can do all the work for you.

One of the most important factors to look for while on hunt for the best panel is checking how authentic the company is.

An experienced local company would allow you a better deal as well as look upon all your solar requirements.

Moreover, an experienced company would deliver better technical advancements and a hassle-free installation.

2. Make Sure To Check the Customer Reviews

The reviews shared by the customers says a lot about the company. It defines how trustable a company could be.

Moreover, checking the reviews provides you a basic idea of whether you should go for the company or not!

For the assurance, you need to check out all the real customer reviews on their website.

However, you can also talk to your family members or neighbor who have recently got their solar panels installed or are planning to do so.

This way, you get one step closer towards the Best Solar System Perth.

3. Check Out If the Solar Installer is CEC Accredited or not

Accredited solar installers are those who have been trained and certified by the CEC (Clean Energy Council) itself.

For your information, there are more than 8000 accredited solar installers throughout Australia.

The CEC approved installers are trustable enough to deliver the modules which are tailor made for Australian standards.

Moreover, the most important features of CEC accredited installers are that they are the only ones who offer Government rebates.

Thus, If you go for a non-accredited installers, you would not be able to take advantage of the solar rebates as they are not eligible for it.

So, in order to choose one of the most reliable solar installer among all, make sure they are CEC accredited.

4. Don’t Forget to Check the Warranty Periods

If you are opting fir a CEC accredited installer, then you are eligible for minimum 5 years of guarantee on whole of your solar system.

So, if any component of your solar system needs maintenance or needs to get replaced under 5 years, you must not worry about it.

Apart from the general guarantee period, you will receive two types of warranties, i.e., Performance warranty and product warranty.

You can generally expect a whole period of 25 years of performance warranty provided by Solar Installers In Perth.

Moreover, the period of product warranty may vary because of the difference of various factors like modules or sizes.

Talking about the size, some people find it difficult to get the right size of solar panels that meets all their requirements.

So, below listed are some of the tips to do the system sizing in a better way.

How To Select the Best Solar System Size?

how to get the best solar system size

Well, the idea of getting the perfect solar size entirely depend on your energy consumption.

Hence, the most common sizes to be sold in Perth are 10kw solar system, 6.6kw solar system and 5kw solar system.

Moreover, if your energy needs are slightly lower and you have small to medium family, then 5Kw solar size would be suitable for you.

However, if your energy consumption is more than usual and you don’t want to rely on the grids then a 6.6 kw or a 10kw solar system is made for you.

There is also a quick and easy way to figure out how many solar panels would you need for your system.

For that, you need to divide the daily Kwh energy need by the sun peak hours. Then divide the Kv output by the solar panel’s efficiency to get the estimated number of panels.

So, this was all about the ways and tips to get the best solar deal in a less time. You can also take help of some Solar Quotes Perth to get the best installers.


Going solar is not an easy task. You need to have required information and knowledge about it.

However, through this blog, you might find it easier to get the most reliable solar installer.

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