Which Is Better Solar System Size-10kW vs 6.6kW vs 5kW?

The Best Solar System Sizes For Australia

With so much variance in the sizes of Solar systems, one might get jumbled in picking out the most apt Solar System Size for their household.

Firstly, let me tell you the fact that going solar is one of the wisest decisions one can ever make as it comes with a plethora of advantages.

However, it is quite a reasonable and common issue.

We are here with a blog that contains all the mandatory information about which size of Solar System should you select for your house.

There are many aspects that affect the performance of Solar System.

For instance, the pricing, efficiency, and how tough it is to manage that particular Solar System.

However, you need not worry as we are here to tell you everything you need to know before going solar.

If we talk about the size ranges, the most common and highly demanded Solar System are 10kW, 6.6kW & 5kW Solar System.

Although, we just can’t generalize all the sizes on similar aspects. It all have their own terms and specifications.

In this blog, we are going to provide a genuine comparison between all the preferred sizes of Solar System by most of the Australian natives i.e. 10kW vs 6.6kW vs 5kW Solar System.

Before moving further, let’s know more about each of the sizes starting with the 10kW Solar System.

About 10kW Solar System 

It is fairly an infrequent sight to see 10kW Solar Systems installed in Australian houses.

However, only those who have installed it know the real benefits of what a 10kW Solar System can offer.

10kW Solar System is quite convenient for those who have a relatively larger household.

The most important feature of installing a 10kW Solar System is you will never run out of energy.

Moreover, you can add batteries to your system.

Attaching batteries with Solar System will ensure you that you can store extra energy and send it to the grid to receive some additional benefits as credits.

Usually, 10kW solar panels consist of 27-35 solar panels which can perfectly get adjusted in the space of 80 m2 of roof space.

The efficiency rate of a 10kW Solar System can be anywhere around 40kwh per day on average.

This is more than enough for your daily usage so it can benefit you otherwise.

Fortunately, the payback period of a 10kW Solar System is way faster than that of anyone.

You must rest assured about the advantages you will be getting from the 10kW Solar System.

So it was all about the 10kW Solar System, let’s get to know more about another size that is a 6.6kW Solar System.

About 6.6kW Solar System

Those who own a middle-sized home or business can opt for a 6.6kW Solar System as it can be more convenient.

In fact, as more people are getting aware of the benefits of installing a 6.6kW soar system, the demand for it is also growing.

As far as the number of panels is concerned, it ranges between 17-20 panels which will require the roof space of 30-36m2.

Fortunately, with a 6.6kW Solar System, you can expect energy consumption ranging around 27kwh per day which is fairly enough for your daily usage.

Moreover, 6.6kW system size is often installed by those who want to save their money from paying electricity bills.

Adding on to that point, you can also receive incentives for the government as you keep going for a size up in Solar Systems.

Additionally, the payback period around 3 years that is also a beneficial factor of 6.6kW Solar System.

As far as the comparison between 10kW vs 6.6kW Solar System is done, we can only say that it depends on which factors holds the utmost importance for you.

About 5kW Solar System

This is the smallest size among all the sizes that we have in this particular blog. However, you better not judge its efficiency by the size.

If you are a homeowner with an average size or smaller home, you must give it a thought of installing a 5kW Solar System.

Most importantly, if your overall energy consumption is less and you want to get rid of those high electricity bills, this size can be slightly preferable for you.

In fact, you need not worry even if you have a small rooftop as 5kW Solar System generally comes with 15-20 panels.

As far as efficiency is concerned, a 5kW Solar System will provide you approximately 20kwh per day which is fair enough to suffice your basic energy needs.

The only undesirable factor that comes with the installation of a 5kW Solar System is the payback period that it provides.

On average, the ROI rate of a 5kW Solar System can be comparatively low which you might not appreciate.

However, if this factor holds importance for you, you can switch to install bigger system sizes for your house.


In this particular blog, we got to know the different aspects and sizes of Solar systems in Australia.

If you are about to go solar, you just need to have all the information provided in this blog.

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